Menu Plan Monday

menu-plan-mondayHere is our plan for eating this week:

Sunday, March 2: Taco Cupcakes. I had this on my menu a couple weeks ago, but couldn’t find wonton wrappers at the store.  I found them Saturday, so these are back on the menu!

Monday, March 3: Chicken and asparagus penne.  Found this on Pinterest.  It seems very easy, but I don’t know how flavorful it will be.  Hubs really likes asparagus, so I think he will like it.

Tuesday, March 4: Baked mozzarella chicken rolls. Another Pinterest recipe.  I think these were on the menu a while back, but I never made them.  They look yummy!

Wednesday, March 5: Crockpot roast and potatoes.  Pretty simple!

Thursday, March 6: Chicken stir fry.  Another staple around here.  Easy and yummy!

Friday, March 7: Dinner out!  Hubs and I are heading on our date night, while my parents watch the little one.  We are going to an Italian restaurant and are excited about it!  (Don’t worry, I have a coupon and gift card!)

Saturday, March 8: Chicken enchiladas. I have never made enchiladas, but these look delicious!  I am excited to try a new recipe!

There ya have it!

Do you have any new recipes you are trying this week?  What is on your menu?


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