Resolution Recap

wpid-20140301_110724.jpgI know we aren’t a full week into March yet, but I like keeping my schedule, which includes Resolution Recap on Tuesdays.  I will let you know how my first few days have gone so far!

* $75 into our Christmas savings account- This will not happen until mid-month, so it’s at a standstill until then.
* $300 into emergency fund (this will all come from photo shoots this month)- This will not happen until the middle and end of the month, so again, at a standstill.
* 10 no spend days- We have had 2 no spend days!  Sunday and Monday!  Monday Hubs did use the debit card to purchase lunch, but he is planning on paying me back with some of his MAD money.  The total for his lunch came up less than a dollar more than he had, so he ended up having to use the debit card.  No biggie!
* Track spending- I haven’t been writing this down how I would like, but I have balanced our checkbook each night, so it is tracked that way.
* Use cash only (I already broke this goal, but I will explain it tomorrow during Sunday Cents)- Done pretty well.  I did have to use the debit card to cover the extra on the car maintenance, and Hubs used the card for lunch, but both of those are somewhat exceptions.

* 1 Date night (It is already planned, it just has to happen)- This will happen Friday!

* Meet Hubs for lunch twice this month (I should be able to do this during spring break)- Not yet.  We will get a couple lunches planned once we have more cash in our eating out envelope. (It is pretty much empty right now).

* Drink 4 cups of water a day (at least)- I have been doing ok.  I don’t think I accomplished this on Saturday or Sunday (weekends seem to be the hardest to get all my water drank), but I did great yesterday!
*Walk 5 days this month (hopefully the weather will cooperate this month)- This will not happen until the weather is warmer than frigid.
* Start a yoga routine (I enjoy yoga, and I think I can find enough on Youtube that I won’t need to buy a DVD)- Not really a routine yet, but this goal hasn’t been forgotten yet.

*Teaching- Clean out files- Well, I haven’t been at school since March began, so I haven’t been able to work on this.
*Teaching- Get everything ready and sent for relicensure- I had quite a bit done before March, but there are still a few things I need to do: the main one being requesting a transcript from the college I was getting my Masters from.
* Photography- Update website (I know, this has been my goal since January)- Not yet, but I have thought about it. 🙂

*Blog 5 times a week- I haven’t had a full week yet to count, but I have blogged every day in March so far!  I am off to a good start!  I have been trying to blog the night before and scheduling my posts for the next day.  That seems to work best for me.

*Organize junk basket in kitchen- Not yet.  This is planned for spring break!
*Sort through Miss C’s toys (bag up infant toys and put in the basement)- Done and done!  I actually got all the toys in the living room sorted through yesterday while she was napping.  And I was able to sort through all of her toys in her bedroom while Hubs was giving her a bath last night.  I ended up with a diaper box full of infant toys that she doesn’t really play with.  I also moved a couple big toys down to the basement also.  
*Vacuum upstairs once a week- I got most of the upstairs vacuumed yesterday.  I got the kitchen, dining room, living room, hallways, and Miss C’s room vacuumed.  I need to get our bedroom and the two bathrooms done.  I may wait on the bathrooms and make them my big goal for next weekend… a full scrubbing!

There it is!  I feel like March is doing better than February already!  I am happy with how things are going, and I feel a lot more aware of my goals.  I think it’s going to be a good month!

How are your goals going for March?  Have you already forgotten about them or are you rocking them?


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