Saturday Cents

20131223_104150Another Saturday, another trip to the grocery store.  This one was an over-budget trip. 😦  I stuck to my budget, but just couldn’t keep it under budget.  I did stock up on a few things (which were on sale, and which I had coupons for).  I could have not done that, but by the time I went back next week, the items may not have been on sale anymore.  A few things were rare purchases and not made often at all: Drain-o, paper plates, toothbrushes, toothpaste for Miss C, cheese slicer, and dish detergent.  These things with tax added up to $24.09.  Without those items, we would have been within $3.00 of our budget!  So close!

Here is the breakdown:

Budget: $120 + $5 carried over from last week
Total Spent: $151.73 (The extra got taken out of other cash envelopes, so we didn’t use our debit card)

Money Saved

From sales: $22.36
From e-coupons: $5.00
From regular coupons: $12.74

Here are some of my best deals:

Kroger brand laundry detergent:
Regular price: $5.99
On sale: $3.99
Coupon: Free detergent -$3.99
Total spent: $0.00
(Total saved: $3.99)

 3 lb bags of Kroger brand frozen chicken (x2):
Regular price: $9.99 ($19.98)
On sale: $7.99 ($15.98)
E-coupons: -$1.50 (-$3.00)
Coupon: -$1.45 (I only had one of these coupons)
Total spent: $11.53
(Total saved: $8.45)

Del Monte Fruit Squeezes (x2):
Regular price: $3.09 ($6.18)
On sale: 2/$4.00
E-coupon: -$1.00
Total spent: $3.00
(Total saved: $3.18)

Ballpark Franks (x4):
Regular price: $2.99 ($11.96)
On sale: $1.49 ($5.96)- They were buy one, get one free!
Total spent: $5.96
(Total saved: $6.00)

Stauffer’s Frozen Meals (x4):
Regular price: $2.69 ($10.76)
Not on sale
Coupon: -$1.50 per 2 meals x 2 coupons (-$3.00)
Total spent: $7.76
(Total saved: $3.00)

Bell Peppers (x2):
Regular price: $1.99 ($3.98)
On sale: $0.99 ($1.98)
Total spent: $1.98
(Total saved: $2.00)

Sister Schubert Frozen Rolls (x2):
Regular price: $3.59 ($7.18)
On sale: $3.00 ($6.00)
Coupons: -$0.75 x 2 (-$1.50)
Total spent: $4.50
(Total saved: $2.68)

2 Anjou Pears:
Regular price: $2.59
On sale: $1.51
E-coupon: -$0.50
Total spent: $1.01
(Total Saved: $1.58)

There ya have it!  I am very happy with the savings I had and the deals I managed to score.  I wish I could have stayed under budget, but I am trying a lot of new recipes this week!  Hopefully next week will be an under-budget week!

What were your best deals this week?


5 thoughts on “Saturday Cents

  1. I just did my groceries too and spent just under $200.00 for the week.. hoping that’s it!! As it took a big chunk out of our budget, but I did buy lots of meat which we really needed! Now to whip up a menu plan for the week! 😉

    • I don’t know how you grocery shop before you make a meal plan. I am pretty sure that if I did that, I would come back with a whole load of things that couldn’t make a single decent meal. 🙂

  2. You can always cut back in the next few weeks of April 🙂 The best deal I got this week was our favorite toilet paper for $4 a pack. You can never have to much toilet paper 🙂

    • Toilet paper is always a good thing to have, and $4 a pack is a great deal!
      I find that my groceries tend to go back and forth. One week it will be high, then the next low, then high, then low. It all ends up averaging out for the month though.

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