Successful Saturday

Today has been quite successful as far as getting things done.  Here is a run down of what all got accomplished at the Confessions House:

*Showered, did my hair and make-up- The little one slept in until almost 8:00! (As did Hubs).  I was up around 7:00, so I took the rare, quiet morning to myself and actually got myself ready this morning.  I typically don’t worry about my appearance on the weekend, but I thought since I had the time, I would make myself look presentable.

*Family grocery shopping trip- I wasn’t too happy about Hubs joining the grocery trip, as I am a woman of my routine.  It was not a fun experience at the beginning, as I have my way of doing things, and having him there was just interrupting that.  By the end of our trip, though, it had gotten better.  I may even let him come on another shopping trip in the future. 🙂

*Made homemade mac and cheese for lunch- I know homemade mac and cheese sounds like it takes forever or is a hard process, but it really isn’t.  I prefer it over the box mac and cheese, and it doesn’t take any longer to make.

*Blogged- I blogged earlier today about my savings and deals from the grocery store.  It is honestly one of my favorite things to blog about each week.  I know, I am a nerd!

*Washed and prepped produce- I haven’t portioned it out yet, but I have all my carrots and celery cut.  I washed my snow peas, pears, cucumber, and bell peppers.  They will be cut as I need them.

*Attempted to make homemade french fries for dinner- I say “attempted” because I ended up burning them.  They were definitely crispy, but not in the good way.  I found one or two that I was able to taste, and from what I could tell, I needed more salt.  I will try them again, as it really was not a hard process at all.

*Unloaded, loaded, unloaded, and now loaded again the dishwasher- I had a lot of dishes hanging around on the counter, so I was able to run a full load during the day.  I just finished unloading that load and put in the dishes from dinner.  It wasn’t full enough to run it, but I am sure with breakfast and lunch tomorrow it will be ready to go.

*Did laundry- My last load is in the washer.  Once the current load is finished in the dryer, I will switch them over, and be done with laundry!  It has been a very long, slow process this week, but I am ready to have it done!  (I have even folded the loads that are finished.)

*Played with Miss C- Even with all the chores and staying busy, I made sure to take some time to play with the Little Missy.  We read book, built blocks, laughed, and played.  I love spending time with her!

*Cleaned up the kitchen after dinner- There are no dishes left out on the counters.  No dishes on the table.  No ingredients from dinner are on the counter.  The kitchen is picked up and countertops are wiped down!  This is a huge one for me!

*Picked up the living room- No books strewn everywhere.  No shoes hiding under the table.  No dangerous Duplo blocks to step on.  The living room is picked up and it looks so nice!

*Balanced checkbook- That is what I was working on before I sat down to blog.  Everything came out perfect!  We are right on budget, and everything is good to go!


Now that I have all those things done, it is time to do something just for myself.  I am going to go grab a little something to snack on, a big glass of water, and relax on the couch with my book:


I am about two chapters in, and I really enjoy it!  The writing is super easy to read, and it feels like a good friend is talking to you.  I highly recommend it so far!

Did you have a productive day, or did you just take it easy?


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