Sunday Night Chit-Chat

1978882_672146562846001_7038309541609412847_nThis is one of my favorite photos from today.  I know that there are a number of things wrong with it technically, but I just love it.  (One of the problems with being a photographer is picking apart your photos.  I tend to get rid of photos that I am not happy with technically, but I just couldn’t get rid of this one.  I love it too much.)

Today has been a very simple and relaxed day.  It did not start out that way, but the majority of the day has been very lovely.  This morning I had a client meeting at 10:00.  Well, Hubs and some friends stayed at a hotel after going out and celebrating a friend who is moving away soon.  I had okayed this last night without thinking.  I figured I would just take Little Missy to my sister’s while I went to my client meeting.  At about 7:30 I realized that the carseat was still in Hubs’ car.  Oh no!  I had no way to leave the house without the carseat.  I called my mom (who was out of town) to see if she had left her carseat at home.  If she had, I was just going to ask my dad to bring it over, so I didn’t have to wake Hubs up early to come home.  Unfortunately she still had her carseat with her across the state.

I had no choice but to call Hubs.  I called twice and both times it went straight to voicemail.  I got a bit upset, thinking he had turned his phone off.  Well, his phone had actually died and wasn’t charged.  I ended up calling a friend who was out with them.  Then the friend (who had already gone home) had to call another friend who was out with them to tell Hubs that he needed to come home with the carseat.  Luckily they were already awake, so I didn’t wake him up, but he didn’t get to go out to breakfast with all his friends.

He got home in plenty of time.  I went ahead and took Miss C to my sister’s, so Hubs could get some additional sleep.  It all ended up working out fine, and Miss C had a great time with her cousins!

The rest of the day was pretty low key.  I had done all the picking up yesterday, so I didn’t have chores to catch up on.  Hubs and I just vegged out on the couch while the little one napped.  Then we played and enjoyed our evening together.  I slaved over dinner, which turned out ok, but it won’t be worth the hassle to try again.  (Part of the hassle was seeing a flame shoot up from our burner… I was ready to grab the baking soda, but it didn’t flame up anymore.  Just a note: Make sure the heat isn’t up too high when you are frying things, especially when the oil is spattering out.)

Now enough with the storytelling and on to the chit-chat:


Are you watching? International House Hunters on HGTV.  This channel is almost always on.  Hubs and I both enjoy it quite a bit.

Are you reading? You’re Already Amazing.  I planned to read last night, but ended up not.  I watched HGTV instead.

Are you looking forward to this week? My family is going out to dinner to celebrate my sister’s birthday.  I always enjoy getting together with my family.  My brother and his wife won’t be able to join us, as they live out of state.  But everyone else will be there.
I also have a photo shoot next Sunday with three very adorable siblings!

Are you planning for this summer? One of the perks of being a teacher is having summers off.  We have a lot of projects around the house, so I will be working on those.  I need to get the basement unpacked and somewhat organized.  There is always painting that needs to be done, and some work in the yard/garden to do.  A lot of work this summer!  I am also moving up to 2nd grade, so I will be moving a classroom!  That is always a big job!

Are you obsessive about? I think the more reasonable question would be “What are you not obsessive about?”  I am very particular about most things: handwriting, folding clothes, cleaning things my way, writing utensils, symmetry, making lists, etc.

Is your #1 goal for next week? Keeping the kitchen and living room cleaned up during the week.  I am also going to try and get the junk basket clean this upcoming week.

Best/worst financial decision this past week? Best financial decision was actually made a few weeks ago, but didn’t pay off until this past week: Hubs and I paid into a basketball bracket challenge.  I am terrible at it, but it is always a fun gamble.  We both paid in $10, and we have come in the top two spots!  That means I win $120 and Hubs wins $60!  You know what that means?  Mama is getting some new jeans!  Yay!
Worst financial decision: We did eat out a few times this past week, and we used the debit card for them.

Happy you accomplished this weekend? The kitchen and living room are picked up.  The laundry is was done (it never stays done for longer than one day).  I had a great client meeting today and hope to hear back from them soon!

There ya have it!  Thank you always, Carla, for hosting!

I would love to hear your answers!  Feel free to answer in the comments section, or on your own blog and link up with Carla.

Enjoy the last few bits of the weekend!


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