Menu Plan Monday

menu-plan-mondayAnother week, another menu!

This week it is all about easy.  I picked meals that I can make without looking at a recipe.  I was getting very bogged down with trying new recipes and trying to make gourmet meals.  It was tiring and just too much for me.  This week dinner will be set on cruise control.

Monday, April 14: Spaghetti.  Nothing fancy about this: noodles, ground beef, and a jar of Prego sauce.  We will have steamed veggies and some rolls.

Tuesday, April 15: Tacos.  Another easy one: ground beef, seasoning, tortillas, and the fixings.  Raw veggies served on the side.

Wednesday, April 16: Grilled hotdogs and brats.  Super easy.  Already have the hotdogs and brats in the freezer.  I will just thaw them overnight, grill them outside, plop on a bun.  Steamed veggies for a side.

Thursday, April 17: Pasta toss.  I actually haven’t made this in a while.  It is often on the rotation, so it will be good to have it again.  Steamed green beans and rolls on the side.

Friday, April 18: Chicken kabobs.  I am off from school this day, so I will prep these as soon as the little missy goes down for her nap after lunch.  Then let them marinate.  I will throw them on the grill early, so they are ready to eat right before Hubs comes home.  I will eat, feed the little one, then head out to a photo shoot!

Saturday, April 19: Out of town!  We are heading out of town to see our new niece!  We don’t have anything really planned, but do have the money set aside for this trip!

Sunday, April 20: Easter at my parents’ house.  My mom will make a turkey, ham, and the potatoes.  I will probably bring the rolls and some veggies of some sort.  It will be a big meal for the special day!

That’s all I have for you!  I am looking forward to some yummy, but easy meals this week!  This weekend is going to be super busy, so I am not sure yet when I will get the chance to do my grocery shopping for the upcoming week.  I may have to go on Friday afternoon, once Little Missy gets up from her nap.  I plan to do some clothing shopping in the morning, then meet my friend for lunch.  By that time it will be nap time for the little one (and me too!).  I have a photo shoot at 6 and will need to start dinner around 4:30.  Hopefully she will sleep from about 12:00-2:30 and we can go at 3:00.  It takes me about an hour to shop, so that would work well.  It will be busier than my normal early weekend morning time, but I don’t know if I have another option.

What is on your menu for the week?


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