Resolution Recap


Ha ha!  Ha ha ha!  Ha ha ha ha!  Ha ha!

Ok, I am done.  I just thought I would get that out of the way, as that is exactly how I feel about my goals this month.  Last week I was pumped up and ready to make the second half of the month a good one.  Little did I know that my appendix had something else in mind.  I guess if you really want to know how my goals went last week, you can just imagine that I really don’t have any.

I guess I haven’t done nothing to help with my goals.  I did get the last piece of my license renewal paperwork.  Now to get everything in a big envelope, write a check, and get it in the mail soon.  I should be able to do that tomorrow.

Honestly at this point I am ready for April to be finished.  I feel like we keep getting hit over and over.  I am mentally, emotionally, and physically just exhausted.  The latest in our string of excitement is our other dog, Rose.  Yesterday afternoon/evening I noticed that she started to look lumpy.  It looked very similar to an older dog who may have some fatty tumors on its body.  Rose is not very old at all (just 5 years old), and the lumps seemed to show up rather quickly.  They were not hard.  They were not tufts of fur.  They were not scabs.  We think she was stung by something and is having an allergic reaction.  We called the vet answering service and spoke with our vet.  He said to give her some Benadryl and a children’s asprin.  We did that, and she seemed to calm down enough and went to bed.

At one point last night I noticed she was licking her paw quite a bit.  I looked at it and she had a bit of an oozy spot between two of her pads.  She did not like me looking at her paw, and I wasn’t able to really see if there was something stuck in there.

This morning she was up and restless around 4:30.  I finally got out of bed with her and gave her another round of Bendaryl.  Her face and head were still pretty lumpy, and she had a few other lumps on her body.  We hope we can avoid another vet bill, but if it doesn’t get better, then we are going to take her in for a Cortisone shot.

Besides that, I am dealing with some personal stuff that is taking an emotional toll on me.  I am not going to get into on this blog, but I am definitely feeling drained.  It hasn’t helped that I have not had a good night’s sleep since Friday night.  My pain meds are messing with my sleep and keep me up much later than normal.  I only had to take one of them yesterday, and I hope to get through today without needing any of them.

I just keep telling myself to take it one day at a time.  Each day that I get through is a victory in my book.  I know that this is all just temporary, and that things will improve.  Right now it is hard to have that outlook, though.  I have a wonderful support system around me, and I couldn’t do it with my friends and family.

I am trying to find my normal again, so hopefully I will get back into the swing of blogging each day.  It is something I enjoy and is a great outlet for me.  If my posts are a bit erratic though, please forgive me.


3 thoughts on “Resolution Recap

  1. I think you are being extremely hard on yourself. Your body has been through a tremendous amount in the past few months. And that is bound to take a toll physically, emotionally, and mentally.

    In the words of the beloved song….Let it Go!!!

    Stop beating yourself up for what you didn’t get done. It isn’t worth it.

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