Busy Thursday

Today has been a very busy day, but don’t worry… I managed to squeeze in a nap.

Little missy really needs to learn that since it is summer vacation, we are allowed to sleep in past 6:30.  She seems to be a morning person like her momma.  This morning person would like some morning by herself, though.  Once we got up and got moving, I started a load of laundry and got breakfast served to the hungry munchkin.  While she ate, I wrapped a gift for our nephew (whose birthday was last week, but I am just now getting around to getting his gift ready for the mail).

Once she was done eating, she wouldn’t leave me alone.  I had another package I needed to get ready for the mail, but the monkey was not feeling very independent this morning.  I finally put her in her crib so I could get everything ready to go to the post office later.  Once I finished, we went outside to hang out laundry.  Most people might not think this is a big deal, but I am so excited because I got a new clothesline!  Up until this point I had just been doing super small loads and putting them on a small wooden drying rack.  It worked well when it was just Hubs and me, but now that there is a small, messy toddler involved, we need more space and the ability to do bigger loads.


Isn’t it just beautiful?!?

Once we got laundry done, we headed out to the post office and to my parents’ house for the morning.  Unfortunately the post office did not open until 9:30, and we got there at 8:45.  I didn’t want to just hang around for 45 minutes, so I figured we would try later.

We spent the morning with my parents, and my mom, Miss C, and I went to a couple garage sales.  I spent $5: $2 on a handful of toy animals for C, and $3 on a riding/push toy to play with outside.  Once we put C on the riding toy at the garage sale, she refused to get off.  I tried to pick her up, but she held onto the handlebars and stayed in a sitting position, even as I lifted her into the air.  She made it clear that she wanted the toy (and considering we have no riding toys for, I figured $3 was a good investment).

Once back at my parents’ house, we had lunch, and then it was time to head home to get the little one down for a nap.  Well, we had quite an adventure on the way home… we got stuck behind a house on the two lane road that goes into our little town.  Yes, stuck behind a house.  I guess they were moving this house (I don’t know where they were going or where they came from), and it was the longest process ever!  There were two cherry picker trucks in front of the house (along with a string of many other vehicles whose sole job was to make all oncoming traffic pull completely off the road, either into a driveway or a side street), the house, two more cherry picker trucks, a pick-up with a sign, and then me (and a whole host of vehicles stuck behind me.)

Each time the house came to overhead electrical wires, people in the cherry picker trucks had to get out, walk over, use special tools to raise the wires so the house could go under them.  We got through 2 of these events flawlessly, but the 3rd time was not the charm.  The third time, I was watching and there were sparks involved when they tried to lower the wires back down.  This was not good.  This caused the cherry picker truck to put down it’s stabilizing legs, someone to get in the bucket, go up to the wires, and attempt to fix whatever happened.  Here it is in all of its glory:


Literally no where to go.  We had been stopped at this point for about 15 minutes.  Poor Miss C was exhausted and ready for a nap.  She did well, and we didn’t have a meltdown which was good.  After sitting around for another 5 minutes, we finally got to moving.  Of course the house had pulled over to the side of the road to wait for the rest of its parade, and the nice workers were kind enough to let the long line of cars pass at this point so we could get on the way.

When I got into our little town there was a crowd of people waiting to take pictures of the moving house.  There were also a number of police officers waiting to escort the house through town.  I had seen enough of the house and just wanted to get home.  (The drive is typically 25 minutes, but today it took me over an hour.)

Finally at home, the little one and I took a nap.

This evening I got some work done in the flowerbeds, got the kitchen cleaned, dinner made, baby bathed, and now got my blog post done!  It has been a busy day, but at the end of a busy day, I always feel so accomplished.

Did you get much done today?


It’s Been a While


I just checked, and it has been 24 days since I posted.  I have honestly thought about blogging every single one of those 24 days.  I have also thought about quitting this blog almost every single one of those 24 days.  I do have to admit that I miss blogging.  I miss having an outlet to get my thoughts out, and even though this is not a big time blog, nor do I really strive for it to a big time blog, I like to think that my readers enjoy it.

I have fallen off the bandwagon with a number of things since our last hurdle.  You may remember that in April I had an emergency appendectomy.  After that, things just fell by the wayside and life sped up.  Since I have last blogged, a number of things have happened.  Surprisingly most of them have been good (considering the string of bad luck we ran into, I am definitely liking the good luck much better.)  Here is a quick update:

I have recovered from my appendectomy.  I still have a single, stubborn stitch in my belly button that has not dissolved.  I have had issues with stitches not dissolving in the past, so I am not surprised.  I figure I need to find a doctor to pluck it out of me.
My health otherwise is going well.  I really wanted to start working out again once school got out, but I haven’t forced myself to get out there.  The closest thing I have done is download an exercising app.

School is out for the summer!  Honestly the last month of school flew by.  The weather has been wonky, so it never really felt like the end of the school year.  In fact, on the last day of school, recess was 60*F, windy, and overcast.  All the kiddos were complaining about how cold it was.  (I was too!)
Some good news is that I am moving grade levels!  I am back to 2nd grade.  I started my teaching career 7 years ago at 2nd grade.  I taught that for 2 years, moved up grades for 2 years, and then taught 1st grade for the past 3 years.  I am so excited to move back to 2nd grade!  They are older, more independent, and not tested!
Along with moving grades, I am moving classrooms.  I am moving into a retiring teacher’s room.  She is leaving a lot of goodies, so there will be a lot of organizing to get done!  I am super excited!

I am keeping my schedule pretty open right now.  Last summer I felt like I was doing a session every weekend.  I got burnt out by the end of busy season.  This year, I am not doing a lot of social media marketing, and really am just taking it slow.  I have an engagement session set up for the end of June, a sibling session for the beginning of August, and a wedding for October.  Not much, and I am completely happy with that!  I have gotten a few inquiries, but they haven’t gone anywhere.  In the past I would have been upset about it, but right now I am enjoying the relaxed, carefree summer.

Little missy is growing up so fast!  She keeps me super busy and on my toes.  She loves running and yelling, and is just starting to climb on things.  She has never really been interested in climbing on anything, but now that she has learned how, she is up and down off the recliner, fireplace, and tries the couch (it is just a little too tall).
She is very skittish and shy, so my goal this summer is to take her out and about often.  I need to get her used to being around other people and in social situations.  Today we went to the library for a story time, then out to lunch with a group of friends. We also ran some errands.  She is almost completely silent the whole time we are out, then she is a yelling, chatterbox in the car on the way home.  We definitely need to get her out of her shell.

Honestly, I am planning on hammering out our June budget this evening.  I really ignored our finances for May (still paid everything on time, and all of that, just didn’t keep up with cash only, checkbook register, etc.)  It is time to get back in the saddle with this one.
I did agree to an opportunity at school to teach a new curriculum next year.  In return I will get $500.  (It will be split up in 3 payments throughout the school year and will be on Visa giftcards, but it will still be a big help!).  I also get paid for my student teacher I had this past semester.  That will be right around $100 in my June check.  The photo shoots area also extra money, so we are bringing in a bit of extra income, albeit not a whole lot.
The money will go into savings, and then will likely be used for doctor bills.  I did get a bill for my miscarriage that we had back in March, and that took a large chunk out of our savings.  I also know we will have plenty of bills to pay for my appendectomy, so we need to get our savings up for when those start to roll in.  The only plus is that we aren’t even 6 months into the year, and I believe we will have hit our deductible.  That bodes well for whatever health issues we may encounter for the rest of the year.
As of right now, I will be getting a raise next year.  It will be around $100 a month.  After taxes, I am sure it will be more like $75 a month, but that is definitely a big helper!  I think at this point we will just squirrel it away into savings once it kicks in in September.  I would like to pay extra on our debt, but I would just feel better with a bigger emergency fund right now.

I think that is a pretty full picture of how things have been going lately.  I hope all is well for you (if anyone is still reading this blog)!  I do plan to get back to a somewhat consistent schedule now that school is out.

Sunday Cents

My days seem so busy this time of year.  We are starting to wrap up our school year and the things at home are starting to pile up.  The problem is that my motivation is plummeting.  I come home from work and don’t want to do anything.  The weekends now are just teasers for what is to come.  I don’t want to get started on any major projects, as the weekend is just two days.  I find that I have no motivation to do much of anything but just spend time with the family on the weekends.  The problem with this is that our kitchen is a wreck, laundry doesn’t get done in a timely manner, and the house needs a good scrubbing.  I am hoping to hold out until summer, and then I can really get to work!

I find that blogging has fallen to the wayside, as well.  I feel as though I don’t have anything interesting to blog about right now.  I need to get back in the groove, as I do enjoy blogging.  Hopefully May will be a relaxing, almost boring month (unlike March or April), and I will get back to a regular posting schedule.  Until then, just bear with me.


Miss C and I did go to the grocery store today.  Not many huge deals, but there were a couple decent ones.

Total Budgeted: $160 ($120 from grocery envelope, $30 from dog envelope, $10 from gift envelope)
Total Spent: $153.58
Total Saved: $29.79

The big deal at the store is the same as last week: Buy 4 participating items and get $4 off.  I was able to take advantage of this today to save us $4.00.

Here are the big deals I found:

3 lb. 85/15 ground beef
Regular price: $16.99
Sale price: $11.07
Saved: $5.92

Digiorno’s Frozen Pizza (x4)
Price: $5.99 ($29.95)
Coupons: -$2 x 2 (-$4)
Total Spent: $25.95
Extra: Catalina coupon for $3.00 off my next shopping order

Dole Apple Sauce (x2)
Regular price: $2.79
Sale price: 2/$4.00
Coupon: -$1.00
Total Spent: $3.00

Sargento String Cheese
Regular price: $5.49
Sale price: $4.49
Mega Event Savings: -$1.00
Coupon: -$0.75
Total Spent: $2.74

Hallmark Cards (5 Total, Various prices)
Regular Price: $19.35
E-coupon: -$1.50
Scanned coupon: -$3.00
Total spent: $14.85

Eggo Waffles (x2)
Regular Price: $4.69 ($9.38)
Mega Event Savings: -$2.00
Coupon: -$0.75
Total Spent: $6.63

I did also get two 4 packs of Motts Apple Sauce.  I don’t know what their regular price was, but they were on closeout for $1.88 each.  Miss C loves these pouches of squeezable applesauce, so I knew they would get used.

So there ya have it!  Nothing too fantastic, but every penny saved helps!  I need to sit down and get our May budget done.  I hope to do that this evening.  I am photographing a birthday party this afternoon from 2-4, and then will make dinner.  I hope to get the kitchen picked up and cleaned somewhat after dinner.  Then once the little one goes to bed, I will try to get it done.  I also hope to get my menu plan post written tonight and scheduled to post for tomorrow.  If I can stay one day ahead on my posts, I find I do much better!

Did you find any good deals this weekend?