Saturday Cents


So, it’s been an entire week since I blogged.  We just started school with kiddos this past week, and I always forget how exhausted I am at the beginning of the school year.  This is what my day looks like once I am done at work:

3:35- Leave school as soon as my contract time is over
4:00- Get home (this is only for Wed, Thurs, and Fri.  When I pick up Miss C from my mom on Mon and Tues, I don’t get home until 4:45)
4:00 (or 4:45 on Mon and Tues)-5:00: Play with Miss C, let dogs out, try to relax a bit
5:00- Start dinner (unless I have a crockpot meal… Then I get extra play time!)
5:30- Eat dinner (This is about when Hubs comes home on Mon and Tues)
6:00- Take off table, play with Miss C
6:30- Bathe Miss C (If she doesn’t need a bath, then we just keep playing)
6:45- Help Miss C clean up her toys in the living room
7:00- Bedtime for Miss C
7:00-8:00- Clean kitchen from dinner, do any work for school, spend a few minutes with Hubs
8:00- Get in bed/Read
8:30- Lights out

Not much time to blog or do much of anything.  My evenings seem to fly by most of the time.  It takes all my energy to just keep my eyes open.  I am lucky that Hubs helps out a lot, either keeping Miss C busy while I try to clean off the table or he will help clean the kitchen on his days off.  As far as other chores, such as laundry, other cleaning, errands, etc., they all wait until weekends usually.  Hubs will do a load of laundry here and there if he needs something for work that is not clean, but it is usually just saved for my days off.

Today has already been a busy day, too.  It started when I woke up around 6:00.  I finished my menu plan, grocery list, clipping coupons, etc.  I also had to make a disc and envelope for a client.  7:00 Miss C wakes up.  I get her fed, changed, clothes on.  At about 8:00 we get the dogs pinned up in the bedroom and load up the car.  I headed into town to drop off the disc for my client.  We finally got to the grocery store a few minutes before 9:00.  Shopping always takes a long time, and today I wrote down all the prices as I shopped to make sure I stayed under budget (I did!).  We got home around 10:15 and then unloaded all the groceries and got them put away.  We played for a bit, then I started lunch.  We ate lunch, played for a bit, and at about 12:00, Miss C was put down for her nap.  I hung out a load of clothes to dry and am now finally blogging!  Whew!  I still have a million things on my to-do list, but I felt I needed to take care of my neglected blog before I move on to them.

I have a quick recap of my grocery trip this morning.  I did not save as much as normal (only 13% instead of my usual 20%), as I did not have many coupons for what I needed.  Here is how it turned out:

Budgeted: $130 + $10 for meds
Total: $131.76

Here are some of my best deals:

Chili’s Frozen Meal
Original Price: $3.99
On sale: $3.00
e-Coupon: -$3.00
Total Spent: $0
Total Saved: $3.99

Freschetta Frozen Pizza
Original Price: $5.49
On sale: $4.99
e-Coupon: -$1.00
Total Spent: $3.99
Total Saved: $1.50

Yoplait Greek Yogurt (x5)
Original Price: $1.27 ($6.35)
On Sale: $1.00 ($5.00)
e-Coupon: Buy 1, Get 1 Free (only valid one time): -$1.00
Total Spent: $4.00
Total Saved: $2.35

Motts Applesauce To Go (x3)
Original Price: $2.69 ($8.07)
Sale Price: $2.29 ($6.87)
e-Coupon: -0.80 (-$2.40)
Total Spent: $1.49 ($4.47)
Total Saved: $1.20 ($3.60)

Comfort Brand 2T-3T Training Pants (Pkg of 26)
Original Price: $6.99
On Clearance: $3.49
Total Saved: $3.50

I have a few other items that were good buys due to rebates that I get by using the Checkout 51 app.  Here are those items:

Original Price: $0.90
Checkout 51 Rebate: $0.25
Total cost: $0.65

Frozen Super Pretzels (x2)
Original Price: $3.49 ($6.98)
Coupons: -$0.50 x 2 (-$1.00)
Checkout 51 Rebate: $1.00
Total Cost: $4.98

Glade Jar Candle
Original Price: $3.49
Sale Price: $3.29
Coupon: -$0.55
Checkout 51 Rebate: $0.50
Total Cost: $2.24

My Checkout 51 account balance is at $13.55.  I get to cash out at $20!  I am getting so close, and I make sure I only buy things that I normally buy.  I am not sure what I will use the $20 for once we get it.  I think we may just stick it in savings at this point, since we don’t have anything that we desperately need right now.  I know $20 doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is always nice to get a little bit of extra money!

Did you find any great deals this week?


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