Quick Post

I am happy Wednesday is over.  The weather was rainy and gloomy all day.  Changes in the weather always affect how the students behave, and it’s not normally for the best.  I know I was cranky and tired all day too, which doesn’t help.

On the positive side of things, dinner was fabulous tonight!  I made BBQ pulled pork sandwiches for the first time, and we enjoyed them quite a bit.  I also have lots of leftovers that I can pull out for a quick and easy meal down the road.

I honestly don’t have much to say (mainly because my brain is fried), so I will keep you entertained with a photo of Bandit:


This guy was actually a big part of why I am so tired today.  He wanted to sleep under the covers with me last night, but couldn’t decide how to get comfy.  He was up and down and turning and all kinds of moving around.  It was not conducive to a good night’s sleep at all.

I suppose I should get working on my school stuff for tomorrow.  Always lots to do!

How was your Wednesday?


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