Predicting the Future


On Monday I got onto our online banking website so I could balance the checkbook and make sure everything was how it was supposed to be.  As soon as I logged in, a page came up that informed us that the bank was concerned about our ATM cards possibly being compromised due to the Home Depot security breach.  We have shopped at Home Depot in the past, but it has been a few months.

I had been on our online banking site on Saturday and this had not shown up, so I am wondering if using our card to buy my new computer was part of what spurred their concern.  Anyways, the page said that they were mailing us new debit/ATM cards, and that we needed to shred the old ones as soon as we received our new ones.  Well, the new ones showed up in the mail today and they have an expiration year of 2018.  This got me thinking about what our lives will be like in 4 years.  Here are some ideas:

*Miss C will be almost 6!  She will be in kindergarten, which is hard to believe.

*Hopefully Miss C will have at least one (human) sibling.  This is somewhat in our control, but not completely.  (Our last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, so we are not oblivious to the fact that family planning always goes according to plan.)

*Hopefully we will be out of debt!  Our goal is to be out of debt (except the mortgage) by the time Miss C gets in school.

*I will have a new car!  I am super excited about this one!

*If we are being completely honest here, I think there is a good chance that Bandit may not be with us anymore.  Just typing that sentence made me tear up.  I told Ben that I will have to take off work the day Bandit dies… possibly even longer than that.  He was our first baby, and he is old already.

*If we are out of debt, I think my job situation will change.  I will continue to work, and I plan to still work in a school setting, but just with a lower stress level.  Possibly as a substitute teacher or a paraeducator.  I would be fine with either of those situations.

*Hopefully we will have made some updates on our house.  We plan to get kitchen cabinets done (hopefully by spring), and we would like to get some other projects done around the house sooner rather than later.

*Hopefully we will have at least 3 months worth of savings set aside in case something major does happen.

Most of those are things we don’t know.  The future is a scary thing to think about sometimes.  I tried to keep it light, but there were not so happy thoughts that entered my mind…

What if something happened to Hubs?
What if something happened to Miss C?
What if there was a natural disaster that affected our housing situation?
What if we totaled a car?
What if something happened to me?
What if one of us weren’t able to work?

Now, I hate “what if” questions.  In fact, most of the students in my class know not to ask them because I just tell them that we will figure it out when/if we get there.  I like being prepared, but I don’t want to dwell on the possibility of something bad happening.

We are on the right track to having everything in order, and I think we are ahead of quite a few people out there, but we still have a ways to go.  Hopefully my first list of possibilities is the one that plays out (except I would prefer if Bandit lived forever), but you never know.

Are you prepared if something unfortunate happened in your life?


2 thoughts on “Predicting the Future

  1. You’re doing fabulous, Jessie! We are doing the same thing… well I am. Hubby always says “it’ll all work out”, well it will, but thanks in part to my careful saving/planning! lol! I’m on track to have $20K in our savings which is HUGE for us and such a blessing! I’d love to hit that early in the near year or before. But in order to do that, our slush fund has to stay somewhat level. Our budget is also getting tighter with hydro & food costs through the roof, so I just don’t know. We shall see though…

  2. Our life is definitely a roller coaster. But even though we cannot really predict the future, we can still have goals that we want to achieve and work towards them. I think, you are on the right track 🙂

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