October Goals… Finally


Tonight is the first night of evening shifts for Hubs.  I came home from picking up the munchkin and found this awesome message from Hubs, Miss C, and the pups.

I have honestly been worried and stressing about being alone in the evenings.  We have had such a routine figured out for the past few months, and I just wasn’t sure how the witching hour was going to go by myself and while I was making dinner.

Tonight went very well, though.  I got dinner made while Miss C kept herself busy building Legos and pushing around her grocery cart.  I don’t think the dogs are too happy that she has free reign.  Usually Hubs holds her while I am cooking and they all keep me company in the kitchen.  Unfortunately the dogs were on the run quite a bit, as a toddler with a grocery cart can be a little intimidating.

In the end, everything went very well.  I even was able to get the kitchen cleaned while she kept busy.  We ended our evening with our regular routine of picking up toys, putting on jammies, and snuggling up with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  The only thing missing was giving daddy a hug and kiss good-night.  Instead she had to settle with giving the dogs both gentle pets good-night.

Now for my October goals.  I went back and looked at how I structured my resolutions originally.  I wanted to keep it similar to that, as it allows me to work on separate areas of my life.  My main focus is not to change myself, but to get into better habits.

Pay off car loan
Put $150 into emergency savings
Continue using cash only
Keep up with checkbook at least weekly

One date “night” this month (will probably actually happen during the day)

Go to parents house at least twice a month for dinner
Go to the pumpkin patch as a family

Physical Activity
Start Couch to 5K program
Start a yoga program in the mornings
Drink 4 cups of water a day
Buy coffee only once a week (until my gift certificate runs out, then none)
Eat a fruit at every lunch

Stay on top of planning each week
Get files for each child prepped
Prep for parent-teacher conferences
Spend less than 2 hours on the weekend working on school work
Photograph wedding and edit photos within a month
Get Cadence 2 year photos done

Blog at least 5 times a week
Read a book for fun

Continue to keep the kitchen clean each night
One load of laundry a night
Thoroughly clean house before Miss C’s birthday party

I think those are enough goals to keep me busy for the month.  I know some of them will happen even if I didn’t make them a goal, but I like to set some goals that I know I will accomplish.  I realize that I won’t meet every goal that I set.  I hope that I will be back weekly with updates on how these goals are going.

Wish me luck!


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