Mid-Month Check-in


Our car is paid off!  It felt good to submit that payment online and cancel the bill payment reminders that I get each month from our bank.  It is odd that it feels as though there is a weight lifted off our backs.  Even though we won’t really see the difference in our month to month lives until December (the money is already earmarked for November), it is nice to know there is a bit more wiggle room than normal.

Now for an update on my goals for this month:

Pay off car loan– DONE!  Woo-hoo!
Put $150 into emergency savings- Not yet, but should happen next week
Continue using cash only- Been doing ok with this, but could probably do better.
Keep up with checkbook at least weekly- Unfortunately no.  No excuses besides just not wanting to do anything in the evenings.

One date “night” this month (will probably actually happen during the day)- Not yet.  Don’t know if it’s going to happen, but we will try and find some time.

Go to parents house at least twice a month for dinner- Done!  I am going tomorrow as well.
Go to the pumpkin patch as a family- Not yet, but I think we may go this coming weekend.

Physical Activity
Start Couch to 5K program- I have done the first two days.  I am supposed to do the third day tomorrow.  I may have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get it done.
Start a yoga program in the mornings- Not yet, but I really need to.

Drink 4 cups of water a day- No, I am terrible at this.
Buy coffee only once a week (until my gift certificate runs out, then none)- I have been doing this pretty well.  I think one week I ended up getting coffee twice a week.
Eat a fruit at every lunch- No.  Honestly I never think about eating or packing fruit in my lunch.

Stay on top of planning each week- Nope.  I have been doing ok, but need to work better at this.
Get files for each child prepped-  Done!  And I have the paperwork all filed away.
Prep for parent-teacher conferences- Tomorrow is a work day at school today, so I plan to spend my time doing that.
Spend less than 2 hours on the weekend working on school work- I think I have been doing a pretty good job at keeping my work at home time to a minimum.
Photograph wedding and edit photos within a month- Wedding is this coming weekend.
Get Cadence 2 year photos doneDid them today.  We may try to get some more done this coming weekend as well.

Blog at least 5 times a week- Not quite
Read a book for fun- I started on a book and have been trying to read a little each night.

Continue to keep the kitchen clean each night- We have been doing ok with this.  I need to clean off the table and counter, as it has become a catchall for a lot of junk.
One load of laundry a night- Big Fat No
Thoroughly clean house before Miss C’s birthday party- I still have a couple weeks until this needs to happen.

I guess you could say I am doing ok.  Still need to work on a few of the things here, but overall I think this month has been going well.  It has been super busy and it will continue to be busy, so it will take a lot of focus to reach my goals.

How are your goals going?

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