Quick Stop-in


This past week was one of the busiest ones of the fall.

On Wednesday I had a full day of teaching, and then I had parent-teacher conferences from 4:00-8:00 PM.  On Thursday, which also happened to be Miss C’s birthday, we had parent-teacher conferences from 12:00-8:00 PM.  Luckily, I was finished with conferences at 6:30, so I was able to leave and get home in time to put the birthday girl down to bed.brt

On Thursday, I met my parents at the car place, so I could get the oil changed, tires rotated, a new headlight, and new wipers on my car.  I love the car place I go to (Midas).  I am a very loyal customer, and it pays off!  Since I always take my car there, I often get discounts for no real reason.  I received a $20 discount this last time.  It took my total down from $95 to $75.  We had enough cash from the past couple months saved up, so no extra money out of our pockets!

While my car was getting some pampering, my parents and I went to Target to get some birthday stuff for the girly.  I am enjoying the fact that I can birthday shop with the birthday girl, and she doesn’t care.  I know this will probably be the last time that possible.

After Target, we got our car back and Miss C and I ran to the grocery store.  I needed a few more things for her birthday party.  That afternoon, I should have done a lot of cleaning, but we actually ended up meeting my sister and nephews at the pumpkin patch.  We got 2 perfect pumpkins.  At first Miss C refused to pick up one of them that didn’t have a stem for her to pick it up by.  Eventually she warmed up to it.

On Saturday, we had her birthday party.  We  had Hubs’ brother and his family in from out of town.  For the main  birthday part, we met my parents and my sister and her family at a police station.  They were having a canine training competition that was free!  It was so much fun, although it ended up being much hotter than anyone anticipated.  We didn’t stay for the entire competition.  Not only was it hot, but a little birthday girl needed to get home for a nap (which she never took).  The rest of the afternoon was spent playing, eating cake and ice cream, and opening presents.  After my family left, we had dinner with Hubs’ family and then just hung out for the evening.

By Sunday, I was pretty exhausted!  I did get groceries in the morning.  I was supposed to have a photo shoot, but it got rescheduled for next weekend, so I used the extra time to go on a jog.  It was super hot and windy, so I about died!  I felt good afterwards, though.  The rest of the day was pretty lazy!

Today I am back to being on my own in the evenings.  Hubs had training all last week, so I had him home in the evenings.  It was definitely nice!  I do enjoy nice and quiet evenings to myself.  I get a lot done, which is wonderful.  (Tonight I have gotten some lesson plans done, the check-book balanced, budget updated, kitchen picked up, and blogged.)  Not too shabby!

Well, Miss C and I have a fun evening planned tomorrow, including visiting Hubs at work.  I am not going to be able to jog tomorrow after school, so I think I may wake up early in the morning and take Rose with me.  That probably means I need to get to bed now.  I plan to be back to a regular posting schedule now that we are past the busiest part of the month!

Did you have a busy weekend or did you get to relax?


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