Happy Hump Day!

Unfortunately I don’t have much to write about today.  It was a pretty typical day:

Got up at 4:45
Went for a walk/jog
Got ready for work
Went to work
Picked up Miss C
Played outside
Made dinner
Played with Miss C
Watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Put Miss C to bed
Edited some photos
Took off the table
Did my Tone Up workout
Now lying in bed

I did make a short to-do list this morning.  I got 5 out of 7 items checked off.  The two things I did not get checked off, I could do right now, but I am already in bed and am exhausted.  (Did you notice the wake-up time?)  I am pretty sure as soon as I post this, I will be getting int to jammies and shutting out the lights.  I may stay up for a few minutes to prep myself on the math I am assessing on tomorrow.  I need to make sure I read through my instructions first, so I know what is going on.

While we in the backyard playing this afternoon, Rose lost her mind.  She was certain that there were little animals or fairies making fun of her.  She ran from tree to tree barking at them.  One tree is definitely small enough that I could see there was nothing in it.  The other tree is a bit more mature, but I looked and looked and never saw anything, not even a bird.  She was finally whining enough and sat away from the tree just staring up at the branches.  I grabbed a small side table from the deck, stood on it, and pulled a small branch down to her level.  She immediately grabbed a mouthful of leaves, shredded them, and went back for more.  If she is going to continue to bark at the leaves on the trees, then we have a long fall ahead of us.

Here she is barking at some colorful leaves:

wpid-20141105_165530.jpgAs you can see in the background, Miss C even stopped to stare at the odd dog behavior.  She is definitely not the brightest.

Well, my eyelids are definitely drooping, and I am ready for sleep!

I hope everyone had a great hump day!  It’s downhill from here!


2 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day!

    • I am glad ours isn’t the only crazy dog out there. 🙂 Who know what her deal was… it very well could be the smell. I may never know… I just wish her bark weren’t so loud!

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