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If you have been following this blog, you know that last month we made the final payment on Hubs’ car!  Woo-hoo!  I knew that this month we would use the money we weren’t spending on his car payment to buy him new tires.  The tires are desperately needed.  I called and got an appointment to get them put on, along with an oil change, on Saturday.  I talked with the guy for a while trying to figure out the best tires for our use.  Right now Hubs’ car is the one that we use when we travel.  It is bigger and newer than mine.  We tend to make at least one long trip once or twice a year (at least 8 hours in the car one way).

After discussing with the nice Midas man, we decided on some mid-grade tires that come with a 40K mile warranty.  We could have chosen cheaper tires, or even more expensive tires, but these seemed the best bet for what we needed.  We also realize that with the cold coming, we need these tires sooner rather than later.

In my mind I felt good about our financial decisions.  I had a little over $500 earmarked for these tires, and figured we would be fine.

Boy was I wrong!  Once everything gets done, it is going to be right around $1,000 for new tires, balancing, alignment, and the oil change.  Ouch!

I am going to have to look at our budget a bit closer, but I know that we have at least $675 that we could use without really interrupting our budget much ($500 set aside, and $125 from 2 student  loans that we had paid ahead on and technically do not have anything due this month, and $50 that is put in for car tag renewals each month.  I overestimate this deposit, so I feel comfortable skipping a month).  In our handy-dandy envelopes, we have another $55 cash for car repairs that can be utilized.  That brings us up to $730.  Unfortunately I think the rest of it will have to come out of our savings.  Boo!

Looking ahead at December, if we stick to our budget, though, (and I maintain the No-Spend Challenge) we should be able to recoup that lost amount by December 6th and then we would be back on track.  Let’s just hope my calculations for my budget are correct.

Do you have any big, not fun expenses coming up?

On another note, I would like to extend my thanks for the outpouring of love and support from my post yesterday.  I hate that other people struggle with the same things I wrote about, but it also made me feel a bit more normal.  I have gotten some great ideas and encouragement as a result of this little blog, and I can’t thank you enough!  My readers are the best!


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