Sunday Cents


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Last week I started a No Spend Challenge.  Here is the post in case you were wanting to know more information about it.

I have done pretty well, except I did buy a couple things at the grocery store today simply because I had coupons.  I know that was one of the rules on my challenge, but hear me out.  The two coupons I used were buy one, get one free coupons (one for lotion, the other for shampoo/conditioner).  These coupons expired before my challenge would be over.  These are also two toiletry items that I know I am going to need in the next few weeks .  By getting these items now and using the buy one, get one free coupons, I saved $11.28 ($6.49 for the lotion and $4.79 for the shampoo/conditioner).  I felt that these coupons were worth using before they expired, especially since they are items that will be used and that will be needed in the near future.  I also saved an additional $1.00 with a store coupon I had (spend $3 on hair care items, and save $1).

This week my grocery store was having their mega savings event: Buy 10 items and save $5.00.  Luckily I had 10 specified items already on my list, and didn’t  have to buy anything additional to get my savings!

There were quite a few good deals this week, and I was able to combine some coupons to make them even better!  They were having a buy one, get one free deal on vitamins, and I had a coupon for $2 off 2 bottles of vitamins.  I ended up getting a bottle of multivitamins and a bottle of fish oil supplements.  Originally it would have been $20.28.  With the BOGO deal and my coupon, I ended up spending just $8.13!  Not too bad at all!

Another good deal was frozen veggies.  I typically stick to the veggies that are 4/$5.00 as some of the other choices are a bit pricier.  This week though, the ones that are typically $3.19 (mixed veggies with asparagus, and broccoli florets) were on sale for $1.99.  They were also part of the mega savings deal, so an additional $0.50 off each.  That brought each bag down to $1.49 each.  A savings of over 50%!  I also had a store coupon for $3.00 off a $15.00 purchase in the frozen foods section.  After stocking up on frozen veggies and getting some frozen bread, I was able to use this coupon as well!

Overall, I would say I stuck to my no-spend challenge pretty well.  I did buy a couple items that were not immediate needs, but are needs down the road.  I also feel good with those purchases, considering how much I saved by using the coupons instead of until later and not getting the opportunity to use them.

This past week has been a success as far as my no-spend challenge.  Aside from groceries this weekend, I have stuck to it pretty well.  I did buy some coffee with my MAD money, but that falls under the rules, so it is ok.  We did buy tires for Hubs’ car, which was an expected expense.  I think the main thing that will keep me successful is staying out of stores that I don’t need to be in (i.e. Target).  I still have a little over a week to go, so I am not in the clear yet, but I do think I will be able to make it!


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