It is said that it takes 21 days to build a habit.  I am not sure the exact science behind it, but it sounds good.

When I think about the fact that it only takes about 3 weeks to make a change stick, it makes me wonder why I haven’t had more success with my goals.  It seems a little sad that I haven’t been able to stick with some of my goals for a mere 3 weeks.

I feel like this past month has been my most successful overall.  I have stuck with my two main fitness goals and have been sticking to our budget as well.  There are parts of my life that feel out of control right now, so I think that by focusing on these goals, I feel more in control of things.

I am honestly shocked at how quickly I have seen and felt changes going on.  One big change has been my mental state.  This is usually the time of year that I start to feel depressed and down, but I haven’t been feeling that at all!  I have been relatively positive and have had a pretty good outlook on everything.  I know that exercise has a big impact on your mental well-being, as does being outside.

Another big change has been physical.  I have started to see some changes in my body because of working out.  I am starting to see some definition in my stomach and my arms.  I feel I look better in jeans now.  Other physical changes are the fact that I can run farther than I have in a long time.  I know my heart is happier, and my lungs are getting stronger.  I think back to 6 weeks ago when I could barely do 60 second intervals of running.  Now I am running almost 10 minutes in a row.  To seasoned runners, I know that seems like nothing, but for a non-runner like me, it feels amazing!

Another big change is that I look forward to my runs (most of the time).  I couldn’t wait to go running this morning.  It was “warmer” than it has been, and I had such a terrible run on Monday, that I was antsy to get out and get going this morning.  I NEVER thought I would enjoy running.  I NEVER thought I would consider myself a runner.  I NEVER thought I would voluntarily wake up early to go running.  I NEVER thought I would be strong enough to run in frigid temperatures.  These are things that are so far from my normal, that it feels strange to think this way.  Honestly, if I can start running and stick to it, anyone can.

Sticking to these health goals has helped me realize that I can be successful.  It has helped me realize I am strong.


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