Today has not gone as planned at all.  I really should have just stayed in bed all day. (Though it is not really an option around here.)


This guy has the right idea!

This morning I woke up with pretty much no voice.  What little voice I have was quite squeaky and gravelly.  Not really a pleasant sound at all.  Despite the lack of voice, I decided to go for a run, as it was in the 50s today and I couldn’t turn that down.  I went about 3 miles (my furthest yet!).  This was the point I probably should have gone back to bed.

I had planned out my day, as I always do, but it did not go as planned.  After my run, I showered and then felt like doing NOTHING!  I had planned to clean the kitchen, do laundry, basically get things done around here.  I did get a load of laundry done this morning, but beyond that I didn’t do anything else.  Hubs let me take a nap, while e kept the little on entertained.  Once I got up, I made lunch and then headed back to the couch.

I did get to enjoy a lovely coffee date with a dear friend.  It was definitely overdue and needed!  We were able to sit and chat for about an hour and a half.  Once we were done, I headed home and did some more laundry.

Then I made 3, yes 3 dinners!  The first dinner attempt was a potato soup recipe I got off Pinterest.  It ended up burning.  Not good at all!  We can still smell the burning smell, even though we have the fan going and some candles burning.  Once I finally made the call that dinner was a fail, we had a simple back-up of mac and cheese and hotdogs.  Not the healthiest at all, but it was easy and something that everyone would eat.  That was dinner #2.  Dinner 3 was a meal that I prepared for a friend who is on bed rest currently.  She has been on bed rest for over 2 months, and I have been trying to prepare a meal for her at least once a month.  I got this one prepared and in the fridge to take tomorrow.  Then I spent 30 minutes scrubbing out my burned pot.  It took a lot of elbow grease, but it got done and is clean!

I eventually got the kitchen cleaned up and started making brownies for my friend.  They just came out of the oven, and now I am about ready for bed.  I actually think I will grab something to eat, as I did not eat much for our dinner (Dinner #2, if you are keeping up).

I am hoping that my voice is back tomorrow, as teaching 2nd graders without a voice is as fun as it sounds.  I am also hoping my motivation is back and I actually get some things done tomorrow evening.

Wish me luck!

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