November Goals Recap


I cannot believe December is here!  Is it just me, or has this year FLOWN by?  I honestly am just in awe that it is almost 2015.  Crazy!

Now that it is a new month, it is time for a recap of the last month.  I honestly haven’t made goals for December, as this month is always so busy.


Balance checkbook each evening- I think I have done pretty well with this.  The checkbook is currently up to date, and I haven’t had to spend a long time going back over statements to get it that way.  I really have been trying to write down expenses as soon as it happens.
Put $150  into savings (not including Christmas savings and vet savings)- Done!  We are almost to our goal.  We do have some of it earmarked for a Christmas gift for Hubs, so it wont’ stay as high as it is now.  I am really looking forward to December, though, because it is our first month of being able to save our newly freed-up money.  Last month we used it for new tires, but this month it is going towards debt repayment and into savings for a down payment for a car for me someday!


One date night/afternoon this month- Hasn’t happened.  I have been tossing around some ideas in my  brain about a date night for December.  I just need to get the details figured out.


Complete Ali Edwards “Week in the Life” Challenge – Nope.  I honestly forgot about this one, and am not as interested in completing it at this point.  Maybe some other time.


Continue Couch to 5K program- I was rocking this goal until about a week ago… then I got sick 😦  (Which is why I have been absent from the blog for a while.)  I am still suffering from an annoying cough.  I did run a little bit this past Saturday because it was so nice, but I am not completely healthy enough to get out there in frigid weather at this point.
Complete Tone Up For Turkey Challenge (focus on guns, buns, and abs)- Again, the sickness struck me down on this one.  Boo being sick!
Drink 4 cups of water a day- I did not do well tracking this one, but I am sure I did not succeed at this.  
Limit sugar intake- I was pretty proud of myself on this one… until Thanksgiving break.  Then everything went downhill.  I am hoping to jump back in on this one, as I do know I need to get better with my eating.


Blog 5x a week- I did ok with this until I got sick.  Seriously, this sickness rendered me useless!
Finish reading the book I started last month- Haven’t even looked at it.
Daily, simple journaling in my planner- I haven’t done the journaling I set out to do, but I did start a gratitude journal.  I have stuck with the gratitude journal and am really enjoying it!  I write down 3 things each night that I am thankful for from the day.  I am trying not to repeat anything and am trying to get pretty specific.


Start cleaning schedule and keep up with it- Did not happen.
Stay on top of laundry for the month- I think I did ok with this one.  I did get behind for a while, but I am trying to do at least one load a day.  I got one load folded earlier today, and now I am down to having 2 loads to fold.  I just have to find the motivation to do it.

So, I think I did ok with my goals.  This is actually one of my more successful months.  I think most of my goals were reasonable, which made them easier to reach.  I need to work on a list of goals for this month.  Wish me luck!


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