Christmas Budget


Christmas spending is underway!  I have never done much online shopping, especially for Christmas, but it seems like that has been a big draw for me this year.

To bring up up to speed, we have been putting $75 away each month since January.  We have put it in a special savings account, that is not easily accessed.  This brought our budget for Christmas to $900.  This year we are going to be traveling for the holidays, so we knew that travel expenses had to come out of this budget.

Right now we know our hotel expense will be $220 (we are staying for two nights).
Here is how the rest of our budget seems to be playing out:

Miss C (Shopping is done): $64
Friends: $50
My Co-workers: $68
Hubs’ Co-workers: $10
My Secret Santa: $20
Parents (both sides): $125
Nieces and Nephews: $90

Total: $422

If you are keeping up, that leaves us $258.  I also budgeted an additional $250 just in the month of December for additional travel expenses (gas, food, etc.)  That means we have over $500 still!  That is crazy!  I really thought we were going to be stretching to stay under budget.  I have been able to find relatively frugal gifts for Miss C, friends, and family.  I did buy one item for myself so far (it was $17).  I think that is going to be my hardest struggle.  I have a few things on my wish list, but I am really trying my hardest to be good and not spend on myself.

As far as gifts for us, Hubs and I are asking for money.  We would like to buy a new microwave.  I think we will be able to do that with the money we receive from family.  We would also like to get a treadmill.  I have some money on a gift card from the program I am piloting.  I haven’t spent any of it.  We should have another payment ($200) coming this month.  That will bring the amount up to $300.  If we continue to stay under budget, then the extra money from Christmas along with the $300, should be more than enough to get a treadmill!  We don’t need anything state of the art… just something to run on.

So far, so good!

How is your Christmas budget looking?


7 thoughts on “Christmas Budget

    • Thank you! It has been a long journey, but our ultimate goal is to be debt-free (aside from our mortgage) by the time our munchkin goes to kindergarten (in about 3-4 years). It is tough, but I think we can do it!

  1. Wow.. good for you!! I’ve spent a tonne. Again. I had $2K saved and i’m sure i’m right close! Eek! I tend to really spoil my loved ones and give extra to charity this time of year, so it goes quickly!!

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