Random Ramblings

Looking at the poll that I posted yesterday, it appears that most of the people who read this blog (or at least most of the ones who voted) mainly like posts about my daily life.  That should seem easy enough, but I feel that I get redundant or boring with those posts.  I did get votes for each type of post, so it sounds like I will just keep chugging along with how I have been doing things all along.

There isn’t much to write about on a day to day basis, as my life is not nearly as exciting as you would expect.  In fact here is a picture of what is going on over here at the moment:

*I just finished balancing our checkbook.  As normal, we are about $75 over budget.  This will be taken care of, as part of it was Bandit’s vet bill.  The dogs get money in their “long term savings account” (aka yearly shots, meds, etc.) in about a week.  I just won’t deposit their $82 for the month, and we are covered.

*Christmas shopping is done.  I have about 75% of it all wrapped.  I started with a lot of enthusiasm, and that wore down quite quickly.

*I made pasta toss for dinner tonight.  I was very close to just eating out, but I knew in the back of my mind that I had a thawed chicken breast ready to go in the fridge, and really didn’t have an actual reason to skip out on it.

*The kitchen has been cleaned up.  We keep having too many dishes to fit in the dishwasher each night; therefore, we end up with a few on the counter waiting for the next round.  It bugs me that there are always dirty dishes.  But apparently it doesn’t bug me enough because I don’t plan to hand wash them.

*Rose is currently lying down in a dog bed that is meant for a much smaller dog.

*Bandit is sprawled out all alone on the couch, with plenty of room for Rose, if she wanted to join him.

*Miss C is lying in her crib, sucking her thumb, but not sleeping.  She enjoys unzipping her jammies at night, so we now have to put a safety pin on the track of the zipper, on the inside of her jammies, so she does not unzip them or take them off.

*I haven’t run in 3 days.  I have set my alarm to wake up early the past two mornings, but I went back to sleep instead.

*I cut about 4 inches off my hair on Friday (well, not me personally, I went to someone to have it done), and either no one noticed or no one thinks it looks good.  I have only had 3 people mention anything about it.  This is bothering me much more than it should.

*I am so beyond ready for this week to be over with.  The kids are bouncing off the walls, and I am just over it.  I am tired of the assessing that goes with the end of the quarter.  I am tired of the disaster that is my desk.  I am tired of herding cats.

*I honestly  have the best friends ever.  Coffee with two very wonderful friends this afternoon was so good for my soul.  I need that more often.

I am sure there is much more happening, but that is a bit of what went through my brain this evening while my fingers were on the keyboard.  I really need to snap out of my gloomy mood that I have been in lately.  That is usually my clue that I really do NEED to run tomorrow.  Wish me luck, and let’s hope I don’t just turn off my alarm when it screams at me in the morning.


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