I have been in a funk all day.  You would think I would be so excited about the last day of the semester and winter break starting, but I’m not.  I am definitely happy about the time off and the time I will get to spend with family, but I am not feeling very spirited lately.

Yesterday within about 2 hours I received news of immense joy and news of utter heartbreak.  Neither of these items affect me directly, but they affect people I love.  Trying to keep balanced with a roller coaster like that is nearly impossible.  Unfortunately the heartbreaking news is from someone who I am very close to, and it has really remained on my heart today.  I tried to push it to the back of my mind and enjoy my last fun day with the kiddos at school, but my mind and heart was with my friend all day.

I am so lucky that my husband is one who helps keep me balanced during times like this.  He reminds me of what is important and of the blessings we already have.  He helps me focus on the good in our lives and not dwell on the negative.

In spite of all of this, I was still just in a funk today.  I did manage to get in a good, long run this evening, which I thought would help.  It was a great run, and I felt great about it, but I am still just feeling pretty blah right now.  I hope that a good night’s sleep, doggie snuggles, and some time with friends and family will help.

Since I am off work and our schedule is a bit more relaxed than normal, I may not be as consistent with my blogging.  I hope you are able to relax this weekend and find some joy and revel in it.  If not, then maybe just some good, loud singing will help.  It always makes me feel better (although I am not sure everyone appreciates it).


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