Relaxing Day


Today I did nothing.  I think this may be the first day like this this year. Here is a run down for the nothing I did today:

*Woke up at 7:45
*Laid in bed snugging with Rose and looking at Facebook
*Played a lot with Miss C
*Grabbed Subway for lunch
*Played a lot more with Miss C
*Got caught up on the DVR
*Watched some shows with Hubs
*Vegged on the couch in my pjs
*Let the crock pot cook dinner
*Played with Miss C
*Directed Miss C as she picked up her toys

I did do a few daily things, as I would have been very unhappy with myself if they weren’t done.  I did balance my checkbook for the day and paid a couple bills.  I also got the table cleared off after dinner and have the dishwasher running.  That’s it, though.

I did hear a nagging in the back of my mind that I should clean or do laundry or vacuum or do something productive, but I really wanted to relax and do nothing on my first day of Christmas break.  I spent so much wonderful time with Miss C and Hubs.  It has truly been a perfect day!

I should probably get back to the snuggles on the couch.  I don’t want to miss out!

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