Today’s To-Do


So long story short… Our TV is dead. (No one’s fault except the manufacturer’s.  Boo!)  This means I plan to be super productive this week!  The only thing I have that will distract me is my book.  I have been trying to read before bed each night, to try and get back in that habit, and I have finally gotten into the book that had been on my nightstand for weeks.

Here is my to-do list for today:

*Scrub both bathrooms (I only got one done, but I am calling it a success)
*Clean kitchen
*Fill box for Goodwill
*Take down our “Christmas tree” (It is a tiny one)
*Vacuum living room
*Balance checkbook
*Update January budget (as we will now have to buy a tv)
*Blog again
*Get resolutions ready

I think those are all doable things!  I have finally “finished” laundry.  Until we decide to give up clothes completely, I will just have to settle with never actually being completely done with laundry.  As soon as I think I am going to be done, clothes from that day get tossed into the laundry sorter.  At least I am caught up enough that I have less than a full load.

I have a lot to update here on the blog, so I hope to be back tonight with an update about some big purchases we have decided to make (aside from the tv.)

I hope you have a productive day (or a relaxing day if you would rather). 🙂


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