Year in Review


2014 has gone by in the blink of an eye.  So many things have happened this past year.

This is actually one of my favorite posts that I write all year.  I like scouring my past blog posts to put together a little summary of our year.  Let’s take a look back at what happened:

January: I started the year being out of town to take newborn photos of my super sweet niece!  As always, I also started the year with a no/low-spend challenge.  Bandit had surgery at the beginning of the month, but everything turned out fine!  And we got a new faucet!

February: I made some goals for the month.  I enjoyed a few snow days!  We also got a new garbage disposal (the faucet wasn’t the whole problem).  I took my first step to getting $5,000 of my student loan forgiven.  And I bought lots of clothes for Miss C at a consignment sale!

March: I made a list of goals for March.  Sadly, I had another miscarriage.  But I did get a lot of painting (of cabinets) done!

April:  Another month, another list of goals!  Bandit scratched himself open and blew our budget. And I got my appendix taken out!

May: Apparently May was not much a blogging month for me.  I told you about some grocery savings.  I updated you on my long (but not terribly interesting) absence.   And I ran some errands and got stopped on the road by a traveling house.

June: I turned 30!  I also started using some rebate apps when I grocery shop!  I was productive for at least one day during the summer.  And I went to the grocery store again.

July: Apparently I did nothing, as there was not one single blog post from the month of July.  Oops!

August: I bought myself some new clothes!  I was very happy to go back to work, after a very tiring summer with a toddler.  And I moved from 1st grade to 2nd grade!

September: I got back to making a list of goals.  I started scheduling my days, which I still do, and which keep me sane!  For one day, I felt like a rock star!

October: October was a super busy month!  Managed to make a list of goals.  We paid off our car!! I photographed a wedding! I got a new laptop. Miss C turned 2!

November: Of course I started off with some goals.  Bandit continued to be a naughty dog.  I got $5,000 of my student loan forgiven!!  Hubs got some expensive new tires for his car!  And I started some new habits that I am very proud of!

December: I attempted to make a Christmas budget.  I gave thanks to some random things.  I was busy.  I complained about how much assessing goes on in public schools.  And we are ending the year with some large purchases.


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