Yesterday I showed you all of my resolutions, and I broke down the financial resolutions.  Today I am going to go through my marriage and health resolutions.

1 date night a month

This is pretty self-explanatory, but honestly Hubs and I are terrible about making this a priority.  I have been pinning quite a few ideas on Pinterest for date ideas that are cheap/free and can be done at home.  Now that we have a munchkin, even though there are a number of family members who are willing to watch her, I don’t like having to rely on them all the time.

Hubs’ schedule is going to change next week, which is going to make this a bit difficult.  He will start working on Saturdays, which takes away one of the days that we are able to go out together.  Luckily he won’t be working late (just 7-5), so we will be able to do something in the evening.

I don’t have anything arranged, but we do have a gift card for a restaurant.  I think that may be our first date night.  We may go out on a Sunday afternoon, or maybe even wait until Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I am off work that day, and that is a day that Hubs doesn’t have to work.  I guess I need to make sure that I have child care available.



*Run at last 35 miles:  I started running in October haven’t looked back.  I enjoy it so much more than I thought I would.  In November, I was a beast.  I ran 30.20 miles (and I feel good about that, as a beginner).  In December the weather was a bit colder and the month a bit busier.  I only ran 27.07 miles.  Our treadmill should be arriving tomorrow, so I should be good to go and think this will be a pretty easy goal to reach.  It will increase each month, as my endurance increases.  My one stipulation with the treadmill is that if the wind chill is above 32, then I am going to force myself to get outside and run.

*Start muscle strengthening workouts:  Now that I feel comfortable with my running, I need to round out my workouts.  I am doing a “Plank Party” challenge with a facebook group, so that will be a good core workout.  I need to do other workouts so that my muscles are getting stronger as well.  I have some hand weights, so I will have to just deal with those at this point.

*Yoga at least 3 times a week:  There is going to be a free yoga workout after school on Tuesdays starting in January.  Hubs new schedule will have him off on Tuesdays, so I am able to go!  In February, I will have to start paying, but this a great place to start!  I have a yoga DVD I can also do, and there are a ton of youtube yoga channels as well.  I would love to go to classes, but it is just not in our budget at this point.

*Eat more veggies: Pretty self-explanatory.  I am terrible about this.  I need to do my Sunday veggie prep so they are ready for the week.  I do great when they are ready to go, and I don’t have to think about it in the morning.  In addition to this goal, I want to try and find some good veggie recipes.  All we eat around here are steam fresh veggies from the frozen food section.  They get boring after a while.

*No more pop!  I try this goal every month, but I really need to stick with it.  Pop has absolutely no nutritional value, and it is just increasing my sugar intake which is already too high.  I didn’t drink pop for a few years in high school, so I should be able to do this again.

*Drink at least 5 cups of water a day.  I hope to increase this as time goes on and get up to 8 cups a day.  One problem I run into is that my job is not very flexible with just going to the bathroom as needed.  I can’t just leave my classroom unattended to run to the bathroom every hour.  I do have a para in my room for most of the day, so I guess I need to take advantage of the time that he/she is in there.  Water is essential for good health, good skin, and other good things.  I really need to get on this one!


I think all of these goals are attainable.  I didn’t put anything out there that was just out of this world.  I think I will do pretty well with these!

Do you have any health or fitness goals?


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