Lazy Day


(I am not the only one having a lazy day today.)

I think I am in denial that my winter break ends tomorrow.  I have been off work for 2 weeks, and I really am not wanting to go back.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my lazy, down-time with my family.  It seems as though it has just gone too quickly.

Because of my denial, I have been not been productive at all today!  The only thing I have really done today is made lunch.  It was an easy lunch: stromboli.  (I did use pastrami instead of salami, but in the end, it still tasted great!)

I still need to do lesson planning and get grade cards done before tomorrow.  I know I should have used Miss C’s nap time as a chance to work on them, but I napped and read instead.  My two work-related tasks will get completed tonight before I go to bed.  I am not worried about it at all.

Hubs and I did make our last large purchase (for what I hope to be a long time).  If you haven’t been keeping up, we bought a microwave, treadmill, and today we purchased a tv.  Hubs is awesome at doing research and price comparing at different places before biting the bullet and making a purchase.  He actually found a killer deal at  The purchase ended up being about $540 (with tax).  Because of this, we got $100 back in Kohl’s cash, and should get $25 from their new reward program Yes 2 You Rewards.

I also signed up for swagbucks and went through there to make the purchase, but I guess it can take a couple days before a purchas shows up, so I don’t know if I did everything correctly to earn any swagbucks.  If not, then I am not too devastated by it, as I have never used it before.  If I did do everything correctly, then I should get about 1080 swagbucks, as Kohls was earn 2 swagbucks for every $1 you spend.  I haven’t looked too closely at rewards, but it seems that you can get a $10 gift card to various places for 1,000 points.  We don’t do too much online shopping, but I will definitely start using the swagbucks website when I do.

Well, Miss C is still napping (going on almost 3 hours).  I figure I should probably at least get something done today… like clean up the kitchen from lunch and dinner last night.

Have you been productive today or just taking it easy?


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