Menu Plan Monday


My to-do list completely shows that I underestimated how utterly exhausted I would be after my first day back to work in two weeks.  I am going to try and power through a few more items before bed, but honestly I am hoping to be lying in bed with my book by 8:00.  Lights out by 8:30 at the latest.

Here is the menu plan for this week, although I think it will change.  Hubs goes back to days next week, which means he will be at home for dinners.  I think I will start using up some leftovers in the freezer, as he is not a huge fan of leftovers.  They are also starting to take over the freezer, so they need to be used!

Monday, January 5: Spaghetti Leftover stromboli (which was not good, which means I ate a couple bowls of salad, and Miss C had a mix and match meal of whatever I could piece together.)  I should have just stuck with the spaghetti

Tuesday, January 6: Chicken tacos using leftover seasoned chicken meat in the fridge

Wednesday, January 7: Crockpot chicken parmesan

Thursday, January 8: Some sort of freezer leftovers (I don’t have to choose until later.)

Friday, January 9: Stir Fry

Saturday, January 10: Crockpot beef and noodles

Sunday, January 11: OMG chicken

So there ya have it!  A pretty simple menu for the week.  I think a few of those meals may change to whatever leftovers I can find in the freezer.  If that is the case, then the menu next week will look very similar to this, which hopefully means we will be under budget in the grocery category!

What is on your menu for the week?


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