I need a redo!  I need to start all over!  I need a new new year!

I made my goals, and I really have not done much to keep up with them.  I have been a terrible resolutionist.  I have been so worn out and exhausted this first week back to school, that I have been doing the bare minimum to survive.

Here is where I stand with my goals so far:

$435 into miscellaneous savings accounts*- Nope.  I get paid this upcoming week, so this will get done in the next couple of days.
$300 into emergency fund*- Nope.  I have put no additional money into our emergency fund.
10 No spend days- I haven’t tracked them, but there haven’t been many at all.
Track spending- Nope.  Haven’t tracked it.
Use cash only- Nope.  I used my Target card just yesterday (which I justify because I get 5% off.  And I was buying diapers… which are needs.)
Snowball and get 2 students loans wiped out- Can’t do until I get paid!

One Date night this month- Haven’t thought about it and haven’t discussed it with Hubs.

Run at least 35 miles- I am doing ok with this one.  I am currently at 13.22 miles for the month.
Start muscle strengthening workouts- I have been doing ok with this one.  I have been doing some arm workouts with free weights about every other day, and I have been doing planks daily, but I need to come up with some schedule to get everything in and balanced.
Yoga at least 3 times a week- I have done yoga about 3 times the whole month so far.
Each more veggies (at least 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner)- Doing ok.  I am more aware of eating veggies at lunch, but it is hard to incorporate.
No more pop!- Woo-hoo!  One that I have stuck to!
Drink at least 5 cups of water a day- I do well on days that I don’t start my day with coffee and days that I am at school.  I have done this about half the time.

Recreation (Things I like to do)
Blog 5 times a week- Obviously by my lack of posts in the past week, this is not happening.
Read at least 1 book a month- I have made progress, but I am really going to have to stick to reading each night if I want to finish it.

Start a cleaning routine- Haven’t even thought about this.
Paint last set of cabinets*- We just got our microwave mounted today, so I can start painting them sometime this week!  I am very anxious to get started!
Vacuum at least once a week- I vacuumed all the saw dust from mounting the microwave today.  Does that count?
Complete one large home cleaning task a month- Woo-hoo!  Another one down!  I cleaned and organized our pantry last weekend!

So, as you can see it is time for me to really change my mindset and get going with these goals.  If I really want to make the changes, I need to commit to making them priorities!

How are your goals going?  I am sure you are doing better than I am!


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One thought on “Redo

  1. Ahhhh… I’m right there with you, Jessie! So busy & I think the only goal I’ve reached so far is adding $500 to our slush, BUT, I’ve also put out FAR more than that in moving expenses. :/ Sometimes you just gotta put one foot in front of the other & have faith that things will work out… Regardless of “good intentions”. 😉

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