Schedule Change


Whenever Hubs changes schedule (about every 3 months), I always forget how difficult it is to get into a new routine.  He had been on evenings since October, and is now on days.  He works 10 hours on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  For now he gets home around 5:30, but in March, his Saturday hours will change, and he won’t get home until later.

I like this schedule because I have help with the little one in the evenings, and we still get a full day during the weekend together.  I also like having another adult at the dinner table with me.  I love having dinner with Miss C, but it’s nice to have someone to actually have a conversation with.

Because of how the schedule is, my evenings are pretty busy trying to balance and allocate my time to everything that needs me.  By the time I get home (around 4:30), I usually start dinner pretty quickly after.  (I like to have dinner close to being on the table when Hubs gets home, as he is very hungry when he gets home.)

While I am working on dinner, I am also trying to entertain/keep Miss C out of the way.  Today was rough, as she has not napped well the past two days.  It takes her a while to get into a new routine as well.  We had multiple meltdowns, so I ended up plopping her on the couch with Mickey Mouse so I could get dinner in the oven.

Once dinner is over, it is bath time/clean the kitchen time.  Hubs is really good about splitting these chores.  One of us gives Miss C a bath, and the other person cleans up the kitchen.  It switches back and forth, so no one is stuck always cleaning the kitchen.  After bath, Hubs snuggles with Miss C and watches one episode of Mickey Mouse.  I usually try to blog during that time, but end up reading blogs or the news.

At 7:00, it is time for Miss C to go to bed.  While she is in bed, Hubs and I usually catch up on an hour of our DVRed shows.  At 8:00, I go in the bedroom and do some yoga.  This is anywhere from 20-30 minutes.  I usually try to get in bed immediately after.  I would love to actually be asleep by 9:00, but that hasn’t been happening lately.

Anyway, the whole reason I wanted to tell you all of this, is so that you realize that I haven’t just forgotten about all of my loyal readers.  I am just trying to figure out this new schedule and figure out how to keep my eyes open long enough to blog.  I am still working out the kinks, so I hope you will stay with me while I try to get it all straightened out.

How do you make time for everything?

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2 thoughts on “Schedule Change

  1. Unfortunately there is never “enough” time for everything I need/want to do. So I prioritize… All you can really do! What about making more crockpot meals? Cook on low all day, ready when you get home? Homemade prepared freezer meals as well, so you just take out & throw in the oven!

    • Crock pot meals work some of the time. Unfortunately I leave before 7:00 in the morning and don’t get back until around 4:30. Most crock pot meals only need to cook for 6-8 hours. I am gone for almost 10 hours. I do try to do them on days that Hubs is home, though. He will put them on and get them started for me!

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