Sunday Cents


Guys, I promise I have not completely forgotten about this little blog.  Life is just busy, and it has been much more difficult to get into the new routine than I thought it was going to be.  It also hasn’t helped that I have not been feeling 100%, and we have had an under-the-weather toddler on our hands as well.  Let’s just say that yesterday was a no-nap day for the little missy, which made for a LONG day for me.  And then it didn’t help that Hubs got a late call, so he he was literally gone for 12 hours yesterday.  Yikes!  Needless to say, I was exhausted yesterday!

I am feeling a bit better today, and the munchkin had a good nap.  I think we are all on the up and up.

I do have to say that nothing makes me happier than coming in UNDER budget at the grocery store!  I was also able to stock up on some regular items that we use, as there were some really good sales!  Last week was horrible with eating out and staying under budget (I was not feeling well).  This week’s goal is to not eat out at all, and to have many no-spend days!  Wish us luck!

Now on for the grocery budget breakdown:

Budgeted: $130.00
Actual Spent: $128.24
Under budget: (1.76)

Woo-hoo!  There we SO many great deals today.  I will also add that for some reason today I was able to use e-coupons and paper coupons.  I am usually not able to, and the register will not allow it.  Today there were no problems with using them, and honestly I didn’t even realize I had some of the e-coupons on my loyalty card.

One additional help was a “Mega Sales Event.”  My grocery stores has these quite often.  Right now if you buy 6 participating items, you save $3.  I bought 18 participating items (they were all on my list… I just bought multiples of some) and saved $9.00 that way.

Here are some of the best deals I found:

Barilla Pasta x3
Original Price: $4.47 ($1.49/ea.)
Sale Price: $4.17 ($1.39/ea.)
Mega Sales Event Savings: -$1.50
E-coupon: -$1.00
Paper Coupon: -$0.55
Total Saved: $3.35
Total Spent: $1.12 ($0.37/ea.)

Mission Tortillas x5
Original Price: $13.95 ($2.79/ea.)
Sale Price: $5.00 ($1.00/ea.)
Total Saved: $8.95
Total Spent: $5.00

Digiorno Pizzas x2
Original Price: $12.98 ($6.49/ea.)
Sale Price: $8.98 ($4.49/ea.)
Mega Sales Event: -$1.00
E-coupon: -$2.00
Paper Coupon: -$2.00
Total Saved: $9.00
Total Spent: $3.98 ($1.99/ea.)

Kleenex x3
Original Price: $5.97 ($1.99/ea.)
Sale Price: $4.47 ($1.49/ea.)
Mega Sales Event: -$1.50
E-coupon: -$0.45
Paper Coupon: -$0.50
Total Saved: $3.95
Total Spent: $2.02 ($0.67/ea.)

Overall my savings was $53.14, or 31% of my total purchase.  I tend to save right around 20% each week, so I think this is one of my better weeks.  Just so you know, I did purchase produce, frozen veggies, $8.40 worth of fresh chicken breasts (at $1.99/lb.), two gallons of milk, rice, 3 boxes of cereal, and other ingredients to make complete meals.  I do not like the extreme couponers who end up with miscellaneous items that do not enable them to make full meals, or forces them to eat just frozen or processed meals.  Out of the 60 items I purchased, only 19 were not sale items.  The majority of the non-sale items were produce.

As always, I hope to have a more normal blogging schedule this coming week.  Hopefully everyone starts feeling better, and we can get our routine figured out a bit more.

What were your best deals at the store this week?


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