February Goals


Even though January seemed as though it would last forever, it did finally end!  I am beyond excited about a new month.  January was definitely a tough one… not just at home with my goals, but I had many struggles at work as well.  My stress level was beyond belief for the majority of the month, and I was unable to focus on my goals and achieving them.

Last month I did make some goals that I knew I would meet, just so I didn’t feel as though I was failing with them all.  It helped to know that I would have something positive to post on here, so I think I will do that this month as well.


 Save $855 in Capitalone 360 accounts
Save an additional $130 for consignment sale (it will be spent before the end of the month)
Put $100 into emergency savings
Track spending
Create or edit a Google Docs spreadsheet for our budget/tracking expenses


One date night (we have a gift card to help with dinner expenses, but if we want to do anything else, we will have to figure out where the money will come from)


Run 50 miles this month
Drink 5 cups of water a day and track it
Continue with no pop
Finish 30 Days of Yoga series on Youtube (I am on Day 8)
Do strength training exercises 3 times a week
Cut back on sugar intake
Sign up for a 5k with my best friend
No coffee drinks from the coffee shop on the way to work


Read 1 book this month
Blog at least 3 times a week
Get together with friends


Take boxes to Salvation Army
Get rid of all the cardboard boxes that are taking over our lives
Clean the basement
Scrub out the fridge

That is all I can think of.  I think most of these goals are actually attainable.  I think there are a few that will be difficult to stick with, but overall I think February will be a successful month.  I am going to stay positive and hopeful that I can stay on track this month!

What are your goals for February?

image courtesy of fotographic1980 at freedigitialphotos.net


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