Monday Menu Plan

Before I get started on the menu plan for today, let me share with you a few things I have learned in the past couple of days:

*Miss C has a crazy fear of bees.  One flew by her yesterday while we were playing, and it sent her into hysterics!  It did not sting her, just flew by.  Poor girl was traumatized for the rest of the time and wouldn’t go more than a foot away from me.  She actually clung to me the majority of the time we stayed out.

*Rose is not a hunting dog.  (Nor is Bandit, but we already knew that).  In the past few months a family of bunnies have built their home in our fenced in backyard.  I am pretty sure Rose is oblivious to this fact.  There was a hole a while back, but I cleared it out in hopes that the bunny would not come back.  I checked it yesterday and sure enough it was full of bunny hair and there was movement in there.  I don’t know how long until Rose finds them, but I am going to guess they have been hiding for a while.

*Making a meal for the crock pot ahead of time is pretty useless if you forget to tell the adult in charge at home when to put it out and start it.  I prepped chicken parmesan this morning, popped it in the fridge, and forgot to leave a note for Hubs to put it in the crock pot and start it.  I did not realize this until 2:30 in the afternoon, which was too late to call and have him start it.  Oh well!  I guess we have dinner prepped for tomorrow night instead!

*Since beginning my journey to a more fit lifestyle, I am constantly amazed at what my body is able to do.  I push hard sometimes and am in awe of the strength that God has given me.  I pushed hard today and broke a personal record.  I ran a 10’03” mile.  My typical pace is around 10’30”, so I shaved almost 30 seconds off my regular mile.  I was *thisclose* to not running tonight, but I knew I had to, and I am glad I did it!

*I seriously have the most supportive and amazing friends and family around.  I already knew this, but this past weekend has been proof that they are the best any girl could ask for!  I know I wouldn’t have been able to reach my goals without them!

And now on to the menu plan…


Saturday– Chinese food out with my sister’s family

Sunday– Tacos

Monday– Crock Pot Chicken Parmesan Cheese Quesadillas

Tuesday– Crock pot chili Crock pot Chicken Parmesan

Wednesday– Chicken Fajitas

Thursday– Spaghetti

Friday– Homemade Pizza

Since we won’t have the chili this week, I will probably save it for the weekend or sometime next week.  My spring break is next week, so I am hoping to try some cooking/baking things that I don’t get to do because I work full time.  I would love to attempt to make bread from scratch or at least try to use the bread machine that my sister is letting me store borrow while they are packing their house.

This week is definitely a nice and easy week to get me through the last week before spring break.  I am looking forward to possibly grilling soon, but we desperately need a new grill.  (Yes need.  We have had our inexpensive grill for over 5 years and it is about on it’s last leg.  I have it in our budget to start saving for once we get done saving for and purchasing our new lawn mower.)

What is on your menu this week?


Wonderful Weekend

This weekend has been almost perfect!

First and foremost, I DID IT!!


I ran my first 5K race!  One of my best friends and I ran it together.  I honestly felt like an impostor when I first got there.  There were all these real runners.  They are competitive and ready to run.  I couldn’t believe that I was going to run this race.  Here we are before the race:


It was pretty chilly at this point… maybe 40 or so.  We were trying to stay warm in the sun, but it wasn’t helping much.  Once we got going, though we warmed up nicely.  There was even a nice breeze on the way to the end that helped cool us down a bit.

I am still somewhat in awe that I actually ran in a race.  You must understand: I have never been a runner in my life.  I still don’t feel like I am a runner.  I still struggle to get up and run in the mornings.  The first mile is still the hardest.  I have to convince myself to get my training done.

When I started my running journey back in October, I started with the Couch to 5k program.  If you aren’t familiar with that, it is a 6 week training program that is for non-runners.  The first week you go out 3 days and you run 90 seconds, walk 60 seconds.  You do this for 20 minutes.  I seriously thought I was going to die that first week.  It was the hardest thing for me to do.  After about the 9 week mark, I ditched the Couch to 5k program and just ran.  I usually set a time or distance goal for the workout and attempt to reach that.  I still do that now, whether I run on my treadmill or outside.

Honestly I couldn’t have done this without the support and love of my friends and family.

I am not sure what my favorite part of Saturday was.  Here is a list of the things that are on the list:

*Running the 5k with my dear friend.

*Beating my personal record for a 5k (33 minutes, 23 seconds).

*Having Hubs and Miss C at the finish line with special homemade signs for me.  (They are the signs in the first picture.)

*Coming home to a scavenger hunt set up by Hubs.  It ended with a beautiful note written by Hubs.  Definitely a big highlight!

*Treating myself to some yummy Mexican food for lunch after the race.

*Going to my sister’s house to help out with some pre-moving chores.

*Watching Miss C play with her beloved cousins.

Overall Saturday was pretty awesome!

Today has been a very productive day.  For how great Saturday was, I did not get much done around the house.  I did manage to make a menu and grocery list for the week.

Today I have been super productive!  I do have to say that the lovely pre-spring weather has definitely been a big motivator!  I have had the windows open and have been as busy as a bee today!

Here is what I have gotten done today:

*Went to the grocery store
*Put away groceries and cleaned the kitchen
*About 4 loads of laundry (wash, dry, fold, and put away)
*Emptied the dishwasher, loaded it, and started it
*Clipped some coupons
*Made lunch and dinner for the family
*Lesson planned fort he entire week
*Played outside with the munchkin for a while
*Picked up my bedroom
*Ran to the grocery store a second time to pick up two things for dinner (that I forgot earlier)
*Cleaned up the dishes and whatnot after dinner

So that is how the weekend is going so far!  I do think that my March is off to a better start than my February!

How was your weekend?

February Wrap-Up


February has ended, and I am happy to say that I survived.  It was a pretty crummy month overall.  I started out sick with a cold or sinus infection at the beginning of the month.  We suffered a miscarriage in the middle of the month.  And I ended the month sharing a stomach virus with my family.  (Or they shared it with me… Either way it was not fun for anyone.)

With how icky the month was you can imagine how terribly my goals turned out.  Just for fun, let’s take a look at them and see how it went:


 Save $855 in Capitalone 360 accounts- Ended up putting $1,055.  Now one of the accounts was for the consignment sale which was at the end of the month.  We did end up withdrawing it so we could purchase what we needed.  I am still counting this as a win!
Save an additional $130 for consignment sale (it will be spent before the end of the month)- Did this!  We ended up with $260 for the consignment sale.  We only used $160 of it, so I am already ahead for the next consignment sale in August/September.
Put $100 into emergency savings- Put in $875.  This number is so huge because we got our tax returns.  Even without those, though, we would have gone over and above the $100.
Track spending- Done!  I love my new spreadsheets that I created on Google Docs.  I need to do a bit of tweaking, but I love them!
Create or edit a Google Docs spreadsheet for our budget/tracking expenses- Done!  See above!


One date night (we have a gift card to help with dinner expenses, but if we want to do anything else, we will have to figure out where the money will come from)- Negative ghost rider… unless you count going to the doctor’s office together.


Run 50 miles this month- Ha!  Between all the sicknesses and whatnot I ran a grand total of 5 times in February.  This came to 11.33 miles.  Not great at all!
Drink 5 cups of water a day and track it- Nope.  I think I did ok with drinking, but did not track it.
Continue with no pop- Yes!  I did have a Sprite the day we went to the doctor, and I did have some ginger ale while I was so nauseous with my stomach virus.  I am not counting any of those though.  
Finish 30 Days of Yoga series on Youtube (I am on Day 8)- Still on Day 8.
Do strength training exercises 3 times a week- No real exercising happening here.
Cut back on sugar intake- Nope.
Sign up for a 5k with my best friend- Yes!  We run this coming Saturday!  Yikes!
No coffee drinks from the coffee shop on the way to work- I think I get an A-.  I did stop and get 1 during the month.  This is a huge improvement considering I was getting about 2 a week there for a while.


Read 1 book this month- You would think with all my sickness I would have read.  You would be wrong.
Blog at least 3 times a week- Yeah, didn’t happen.
Get together with friends- Nope. 😦  I was supposed to have coffee with friends before work one day, but it ended up being the Monday I went to the doctor for my miscarriage.


Take boxes to Salvation Army- There is still a box in my closet and one on the kitchen counter.
Get rid of all the cardboard boxes that are taking over our lives- Yes!  Woo-hoo!
Clean the basement- Still a mess!
Scrub out the fridge- Nope.  Still needs to happen.


So February was a rough month for many reasons.  That is why I have decided to only have one goal for March:

Have a better month than February.

I think I can actually achieve that goal!  Hopefully I will be back to blog more often.  I do miss it quite a bit, although I am not sure there are that many people who still read.

How did your February end up?