I’ve been keeping a secret!


(I have yet to figure out how people make themselves look good in photos using the camera’s timer… or any photos at that.)

This is why I have been gone for so long!  I didn’t think I could blog and not give it away!  We waited until our halfway point to make an announcement, as this pregnancy came after two miscarriages.  We have been overly cautious about keeping it quiet, but after seeing our beautiful little girl yesterday, we feel more comfortable sharing our news with everyone!

To jump right into things, I wanted to do a 20 week bump report.  I did these during my last pregnancy, whenever I had a doctor’s appointment.  We had our “big” sonogram/gender reveal appointment yesterday and today I am officially 20 weeks!  So, sit back and enjoy the fun!

How far along? 20 weeks exactly!  So excited to be at the halfway point.  My estimated due date is January 23, but the baby was measuring one day ahead yesterday.  They do not adjust due dates for single days, so it stays put!

How big is the baby? They said she was right around 12 oz.  Her heartrate was 144 and completely regular.  According to my app, she is about 10 inches from head to toe.

Total Weight Gain? This is a fun one.  At my confirmation appointment at the end of May, I was 107 lbs.  Then I was sick ALL summer, and even into some of the school year.  At my appointment 5 weeks ago, I was down to 104.  My doctor mentioned that she did want me to start working on gaining weight.  Yesterday, I weighed in at 114.  That means my total weight gain is now at 7 lbs.  (Last pregnancy, at 19 weeks, I had already gained 13 lbs).  Doctor seemed very happy with my weight.

Sleep? Oh my goodness, the dreams are crazy!  I usually get up about once in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  Getting comfy isn’t too difficult at this point.  The dreams will wake me up, though.  Many dreams each night.  They are all vivid and usually super weird!  I dealt with this last pregnancy, so I don’t see it going away any time soon.

Maternity Clothes? I have been in maternity clothes for quite some time now.  I am a little worried about being pregnant through winter, as I wasn’t last time.  I do not have a lot of heavy clothes, and don’t really want to go buy any.  I did pick up a couple tops and another pair of pants at the consignment sale last week.  Hopefully I can just get by with what I have… just don’t expect me to be any type of fashion statement.

Best Moment of the Week? Finding out we are having another girl!  We didn’t find out the sex last time, so this was a completely different experience for us this time.  I also loved having Miss C at the ultrasound appointment with us yesterday.  She seems to be warming up to the idea of having a sister (she really wanted a brother).

Food Cravings? No real cravings.  I do love eating cereal at all times, but it’s not a craving that makes me feel like I HAVE to have it.  It is just usually my go-to snack when I am hungry.  (Although, that is how it was before I was pregnant.)

Food Aversions? Not anymore.  It was really bad during the first trimester.  I barely ate because nothing sounded good and I was so nauseous.  I couldn’t even walk into the kitchen without gagging.  That seems to have passed, and there isn’t really anything out there that doesn’t sound good at this point.

Symptoms?  I haven’t really had many “symptoms.”  I think the nesting phase is starting to kick in, which makes me extremely excited!  I really want to get the house scrubbed and get things organized right now.  Luckily I have a 3 day weekend, so maybe I will get lots done!

Exercise? Ha!  I think going from doing nothing during the summer to being a full-time 2nd grade teacher was a good increase in exercise.  Right now summer is having her last hurrah of the year.  If it starts to cool down more, I would love to go on a walk after dinner in the evening.  I know I need to more active, but my sickness was so bad in the first trimester that I could barely leave the house at all.  Now that I am working and have a toddler at home, it is just finding the time to be active.

Movement? Oh yeah!  This is an active baby!  It seems to really have picked up in the past week or so.  I have an anterior placenta again (in the front), so it cushioned movement for quite a while.  The movement is strong enough that even Hubs has been able to feel it with his hand.  Miss C has refused all offers to feel the baby, but I would eventually like her to at least once.

Next Appointment? October 1.  We are still on 4 week appointments.  The next one will be boring, but the one in 8 weeks sounds a bit more “interesting.”  That one will include the glucose test and possibly another ultrasound.  I have a low-lying placenta.  It’s not low enough to really cause concern (it has to be covering the cervix by 2 cm to really cause concern, and mine is covering it by 1.4 cm), but they want to check it again to make sure it is moving up with the growth of my uterus.  Basically if it is too low, I can’t have a vaginal birth and will have to have a C-section.

.. and here is a photo from our ultrasound yesterday.