November Goals

Anyone else hear crickets?  Yeah, this little corner of the internet has been gathering dust and spiderwebs for quite some time.  I think of it often, but fall is such an overwhelmingly busy time, that I just can’t seem to fit in everything that I want.  I actually do not have anything really “planned” until the new year, and I can’t wait!  My photography business is currently in its winter hiatus (although I have one more gallery to edit and email to a client this weekend), and things are pretty well on cruise control in other areas of my life.

Because life is slowing down a bit, I thought I would start back with my monthly goals.  Most of these goals are just for me, and I am working on not putting a lot of pressure on myself to get everything perfect.  I need to relax and give myself a bit more slack these days.  Running my life on a rigid schedule is just too exhausting.  I do have a few things that I would like to improve on, so without further ado… My November Goals:


1. No coffee November- My coffee habit is out of control!  I stop and get coffee on my way to work way too much.  The girl there knows my order.  I also get coffee once a week at the grocery store when I go.  I need to definitely cut back because of the money being spent and the unhealthiness of it for baby girl and me.

2. Plan Ahead- I need to start working ahead in the classroom to be ready when my long-term sub takes over in January.  I find myself planning each week on Sunday nights, which works ok for now, but needs to change in the near future.  I need to really utilize my plan times to get copies made ahead of time.  And I would like to have a bit of a rough draft of plans ready to go in case I go into labor early and need someone to take over early.

3. Nursery Time- We haven’t transitioned Miss C. to a big girl bed yet.  She just turned 3, and the big girl bed was her “big” gift from us.  I still need to order a mattress and box spring to go with the frame.  Once we get that done, we will need to focus on getting the nursery ready for Baby girl #2’s arrival!

4.  Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up!- Again, with the theme of going into labor early, I need to try and stay on top of cleaning.  If I happen to need to be out of here early, I don’t want to come home to a dirty house with no clean clothes to wear.  This will be a big self-discipline issue, as I would like to try and keep up with doing a chore or two each evening.

5. Show Me the Money!- I need to get our November budget figured out and STICK TO IT!  October was a busy month with Miss C’s birthday and a Thanksgiving celebration with Hubs’ family.  Now it is time to buckle down and pinch those pennies!

6. Healthy Choices- I already mentioned cutting back on coffee, but I really need to take a look at my overall sugar intake.  I have a terrible sweet tooth, and I think I have been using this pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever I want.  At the end of the school year last year, I was really getting in a groove with healthy eating and just allowing myself one sweet treat a day.  I need to get back in that habit… Halloween candy is just so dang good, though!

I think those are all the goals I am going to start with now.  I hope to stick to them, and I also hope to do an update every couple of days or once a week to let you know how it’s going.  I find myself much more motivated when I know I have to report back to my readers!  Wish me luck!

What are your goals for November?