EASY Routine


As I mentioned in my last post, Miss E has her days and nights mixed up.  I have been doing some searching online for some routine ideas to help us get something more structured figured out, and hopefully sort out the sleeping issue.  I found the “EASY” routine on many websites and thought we would give it a try.

Basically EASY is an acronym for “Eat, Activity, Sleep, Your time.”  It is a 3 hour cycle, although our little nugget didn’t stick to it exactly today.  (If you want to see a pretty page with it all written out for you, check out NoobMommy.)

Here is how our day went (is going)…

8:25: Woke up for the day and started Round 1:

8:30: E- First feeding
9:05: A- For our activity, we just talked to Miss E and Miss C showed her toys.
9:30: S- I put Miss E down for her nap drowsy.  She was not completely asleep, and fell asleep very quickly and easily without much crying at all.
9:30: Y- I know I should sleep when the baby sleeps, but I started laundry and got a few things done around the house.

Round 2:
10:30: E- Miss E woke up in a puddle of spit up, which means her nap was not as long as possible.  I went ahead and fed her, but she fell asleep quickly.
11:05: S- Nap #2… Again she went down quickly and without much crying.  I don’t think she was finished with her nap from round 1, so she was still pretty sleepy.
11:05: Y- I did get a super short nap during this time.  We also ate lunch.  I blogged, did some more laundry, and really just relaxed during this time.

Round 3:
12:55: E- Ate again. (She usually averages about 30 minutes for a feeding, but this one was long.)
1:45: A- For this activity time, she was awake and alert.  She did some tummy time and just looked around.  (Not much real activity at 1 month.)
2:40: S- I did not do almost a full hour of activity.  She had a bit harder time falling asleep this time around.  I will usually rock/sing to her, then put her in her crib.  If she cries, I let her cry for about 10 minutes or so, then try again.  She is getting better at crying herself to sleep, which is nice.  Hopefully she will self-soothe on a more regular basis soon.
2:40: Y- I tried to take a nap, but Miss E did not take a long nap at all this round.

Round 4:
3:20: E- Ate again. (Usually I change her diaper in the middle of her feeding, so she is not actually eating this entire time.)
3:50: A- Tried to talk to her, but she was not happy, so we tried feeding again.
4:05: E- Ate a bit more, but fell asleep nursing.  I woke her up, but I didn’t want to keep her up since her last nap was so short.
4:30: S- This was a good nap, finally!
4:30: Y- During this time I cleaned out the fridge (my one goal for today).  I also folded some laundry.  Unfortunately there was a bad incident during this time.  Miss E woke up crying, so I went in to rock her.  During the 5 minutes I was in there rocking her, Bandit scratched his head open.  He was on the mend from scratching his head open about a month ago, so we are back at square one.  Luckily I still had everything from the vet, so I cleaned it, sprayed it, and gave him some medicine.  Stupid dog!
We also had dinner during this time.

Round 5 (It’s been a long one and a tough one):
5:50: A- I changed Miss E once she got up, and she was happy as a clam just lying on the floor, so I didn’t rush to feed her.  While I was talking to her, I could tell that she was trying so hard to find her voice.  She did manage to coo a few times!  I love that she is starting to interact some!
6:05: E- Regular eating session
6:40: A- Bath time! She loves being in her bath.  She does not like getting in her bath and getting out of her bath.
7:00: E- Here is where things get rough.  We are in the middle of a cluster feed.  I am ok with this, because hopefully it will fill her up enough to go a few hours without wanting to eat again.  And hopefully that means this momma can get a few hours of sleep without being awoken.
7:25: S- I tried to put her down to sleep, mainly because I had to tuck in Miss C.  Miss E was not happy about it, but she did cry herself to sleep for a little bit.  Eventually I did rescue her and fed her again.
8:00: E- Cluster feed some more and fell asleep nursing.
8:25: S- Put her in her crib.
8:30: E- Feed some more.
8:40: S- And here we are: caught up with the present time.  She fell asleep nursing, so I put her in her crib.  She stayed asleep, until I started writing this sentence.  (It has been about 4 minutes of her sleeping).  I will let her cry for a few more minutes, then go back in to feed again.  Wish me luck!

Today I have felt somewhat successful.  Miss E has been awake more than more days.  The routine is easy enough to follow, so hopefully we can keep up with it.  In the past, I have usually only gotten a single 2.5 hour chunk of sleep.  Then I will get little cat naps here and there.  I am hoping for more longer chunks of sleep tonight.  I guess I will keep my fingers crossed and let you know how it went tomorrow.

Good night to all!  May you get more sleep than I do!


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