Hello Out There

Nothing like disappearing for 3.5 months, huh?  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?  If I am completely open with you all, life has just gotten in the way.

In the 3.5 months that I have been gone, there have been a lot of things happening… The main one being that we had a baby!  A little over a month ago (on Jan. 12), we welcomed our little nugget, Miss E to our family.  Believe me when I say that she has turned our world upside down!  She has yet to figure out that nighttime is for sleeping long periods of time, and daytime is for being awake and sleeping for shorter periods of time.  If anyone out there is a baby whisperer and can just gently let her know that, I would be forever thankful!

Since Miss E has come into our lives, Hubs and I have been on maternity/paternity leave.  Hubs is on leave until March 9, and I get to be home until March 21.  It has been a huge help to have him home all this time.  I am not looking forward to him going back to work in a few weeks.

Life around here is all about survival at this point.  I keep hoping that we will figure out a routine of some sort, but no luck so far.  I do have a few loose goals that I am trying to work toward and hopefully things will get easier sooner rather than later so I can focus on them more.

Here is what I am working on now:

  • Financial:
    Hard core debt payoff has been put on hold for now.  Instead we are working on bulking up our savings, as my unpaid time off will come out of my July and August checks.  My goal is to have $5,000 set aside for those two months.  We currently have $3,800, so I think we will make it!
  • Health:
    Exercise: I am currently about 15 lbs away from my pre-baby weight.  I am honestly not concerned about the number though.  I am more interested in toning everything that has gotten flabby.  I should be cleared to exercise again next week at my 6 week postpartum appointment.  I am counting down the days!  I hope to run a 5k with my BFF this fall.  It is going to be tough to get back to that level, but I think I can do it!
    Eventually I would like to have a calendar of some sort with some toning, stretching, and running days all mixed together.  That is a ways away though, so I think I will just focus on the running.
    Eating: I am addicted to sugar.  There, I said it.  If you know me, this is not hard to believe at all.  I love super sugary coffee drinks.  I enjoy pop.  I love chocolate, candy, cookies, baked goods, etc.  If there is sugar in it, I love it!  I know what this is doing to my body, and it’s not good at all!  I need to cut back on sugar majorly!  What I have done in the past is allow myself one “treat” each day.  If I get a coffee in the morning, then no sugary snacks or drinks the rest of the day.  If I want a dessert after dinner, then I can’t have anything else all day.  I think this is the smart way to do things, as I am not completely depriving myself of sweets, but I am definitely cutting back!
    I also need to eat more healthily in general.  I want to start making one healthy change to eat meal.  Instead of ground beef, use ground turkey.  Eat a fruit at breakfast.  Increase my serving size of veggies at lunch. Etc.  I think that is an easy way to make healthy changes without having to completely revamp everything. (Which I have tried and failed.)
  • Around the House
    I know, I know.  I have a newborn.  I need to let my house go and sleep when the baby sleeps.  No one cares what my house looks like… they know I am busy with a baby.  Well, that would drive me crazy!  I simply cannot do that.  I usually try to come up with one thing I want to do the next day and consider it a win if I do it!  Here are some things I want to accomplish:

    • Clean out the fridge
    • Menu plan and grocery shop every week
    • Box up 2T clothes that are still in Miss C’s closet
    • Box up maternity clothes
    • Budget each month
    • Balance the checkbook each week
    • Keep up with laundry (one load a day)
    • Pick up at the end of the day

I feel like all of these chores are doable.  They are not pushing myself too much and are ones that don’t take a whole lot of time.  If I keep up with doing one a day, then my life will remain organized and in order.

Those are all the major areas that I want to focus on at this point.  I have some personal goals that are not as front and center at this point, but that I try to keep up with as best I can right now.  I also know that once I go back to work, I will have some work goals that I will want to add to these.

I think my #1 thing to figure out at this point is to get Miss E to figure out her days and nights.  It’s been really rough not having much sleep each night.  Wish us luck!




One thought on “Hello Out There

  1. It’s so great to see you back here, congratulations on the birth of Miss E. How is Miss C doing? I’ve been popping in occasionally and great to see you are back. Although I don’t have a new born I’ve been doing a bit of what you have I.e. Sticking to doing something every day to make my life easier. Off to catch up on your other posts now. Nicola xx

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