The Next Day

So, as you know we started a routine with the little nugget yesterday.  We left off around 8:40 with a cluster feed that had started at about 6:00.  Well… that cluster feed continued until 11:00!?!  Ridiculous!  Miss E would fall asleep either nursing or burping.  I would put her in her crib and five minutes later she would be crying and mad.  I would nurse again, and the cycle continued for hours.

This is where I will make some enemies… At 11:00 I finally shut off the sound of the baby monitor.  I couldn’t handle the crying anymore.  I left her in her crib to cry while I curled up in bed and watched. (We do have a video monitor, so I could watch her without hearing her screaming.)  I know there are many people out there who think this is a horrible thing to do, but after 5 hours of nursing, swaddling, and screaming, I had reached my limit.

At 11:15, in tears, I texted Hubs (who was in the basement) and told him I didn’t know what else to do.  He offered to take her downstairs and put her in the swing.  I thought it would work, so I let him try.  I knew nothing else of what happened until they came in the room at 4:00 for me to feed her.  I thought she had slept that whole time, but boy was I wrong…

I asked Hubs this morning (after I let him sleep in until about 10:30/11:00) how things went and if she slept the whole time.  His response was a resounding NO.  From the time he took her down there until about 12:30, it was the same thing.  She would fall asleep and then wake up screaming.  From about 12:30-1:30 he let her sleep on him and then finally put her in the swing, where she then slept until 4:00.  So in the end she slept for about 2.5 hours in the swing.  That is her nightly routine… 2.5 hours.

I fed her at 4:00, and put her in her crib at 5:00.  Here is the good part… She slept until 8:15!  That is over 3 hours in her crib!  Woo-hoo!  I can totally handle that!

Today has been pretty similar to yesterday.  She put herself to sleep in her crib for her first nap this morning, which is awesome!  Again, she woke up in a puddle of spit up after just an hour.  She took another nap at 11:35, which I woke her up from after 2 hours.  At 2:35 I put her down in the basement with Hubs.

And what did I do?  Here’s a hint…


I went for a run!  And it felt amazing!  If I am completely honest with you, running is my anti-depressant.  I was diagnosed with depression many years ago and was on medication for a while.  Then I just dealt with it as it would come in waves.  I found running about a year and a half ago, and it has been my lifesaver!  I ran my first 5K race last March, and then stopped.  We had had two miscarriages, which I thought could be due to my weight.  I wanted to gain some weight to see if that helped.  Then I was so sick with morning sickness that I didn’t run during the summer.  Then I was too pregnant, tired, etc. to try and pick it up again.

But now I am back!  The postpartum hormones have been terrible!  They have been easing in the last week or so, but for the first few weeks it was bad.  I cried a lot.  I was not a very fun person to be around.  I was questioning if we should have even had another baby.  I knew what was going on, so I have been counting down until I could run again.  The run today did more for my mental health than any medication out there.  I feel refreshed, strong, able, and amazing!  I am so lucky that the weather has cooperated and made it possible for me to get back out there!

My run was slow (and included quite a bit of walking).  It was short… just 1.17 miles.  And I was sucking wind the whole time.  My legs feel like jello now.  But I am so happy to be back!  Now, here is the fun part… GOAL TIME!

We have 12 more days left in this month.  I do not feel that I could run everyday, or that it would be a healthy decision to do that.  I want to set a goal of running 6 more miles this month.  That will be 1 mile every other day.  It is a very small goal, but I really think I can do it!  Do you want to join me?  I would love to have some of you make a 6 mile goal with me!  (Or whatever mileage you would like).  Just let me know, and I will help you be accountable. 🙂

And with that long winded post, I am out of here!  The weather is beautiful, and I have an antsy 3 year old who refuses to nap… I think it’s time to play outside and wear her out!


2 thoughts on “The Next Day

  1. Congrats on baby! A) when you nurse her, are you sure she is getting enough milk? Maybe she keeps waking because she isn’t getting enough? Or is she using you as a human pacifier and she actually isn’t hungry. Or B) she could have reflux. Even if she isn’t spitting up alot, she could have silent reflux, which would explain why she is screaming when you lay her down. Maybe use her car seat to keep her head up for a bit after eating. And ask your Dr about the reflux.

    Glad your run went well

    • I am totally a human pacifier. She is fine during the day, both with eating and lying down… it is all at night. She does spit up a lot, all the time, but it does not appear to be painful for her at all. I try to keep her upright for a while after eating, but it doesn’t matter. She will spit up. She is gaining weight like a champ, though, so I do think she is getting enough. Who knows… she is just a little puzzle.

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