Good Night, Tough Day

Well, we had a great night last night.  No screaming.  No fussing when I put Miss E back to bed.  It was a good night with multiple chunks of sleep time for this momma.

Unfortunately that did not lead to a great day today.  My mom took Miss C for the day, so I thought it was going to be a day of getting this house back in order.  That was not the case at all!  We woke Miss E up at 8:30, and I fed her/burped her until about 9:30.  Then we had some play time, and I put her to bed at 9:50.  I put her in bed awake, but she screamed.  I rocked her until she was calm and put her back in bed awake again.  She was still awake at 10:30.  I rocked her again until she was calm.  It appeared that she fell asleep around 10:45, but she was just kidding.  I finally got her our at 11:20.

When I put her to bed and she appeared to be asleep, I went ahead and pumped.  So when I got her out at 11:20, I gave her a bottle.  She ate almost 4 oz., although she spit up a great deal of it.

I put her back in her crib at noon (awake), and she finally fell asleep until 2:15.  During this time I made lunch, took a short nap, edited some photos, did some laundry.  I did not get anything picked up… and stuff is taking over this house and driving me crazy!  I look around the house and am about ready to cry.  I hate clutter and mess, and that is all that I can see.

Once Miss E woke up (at 2:15), I fed her.  Then Hubs and I loaded her up and headed to my parents’ house to have dinner and get Miss C.  By the time we got home it was after 7:00.  I fed the little nugget, and we went through about 3-4 outfits because of the spit up happening all the time.  She was finally a crying mess, and I decided to go ahead and put her down.  I put her in her room around 8:30.  She fussed for a bit, but calmed herself down and has actually been asleep since about 8:45 or so. (Almost an hour).

I could have been cleaning, but instead I have been looking up workout plans, messing around on Facebook, and really just wasting time.  Now that it has been an hour of doing nothing, I feel pretty guilty about not doing anything.  I guess my to-do list will again wait another day.  Maybe tomorrow I will get most of this junk picked up and put away.

Did you guys get anything done today that you wanted?


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