About Miss Jessie

Hubs and me about 3 years ago.

I am a 20-something girl living in the Midwest with my Hubs, toddler daughter, and two pups… Rose and Bandit. I am a 2nd grade, public school teacher and aspiring photographer.  The Hubs works as an animal control officer. We are working our way out of debt and into a more financially stable way of life.

We welcomed our bundle of joy into our homes and hearts in October 2012.  Miss C has been a complete blessing and has brought us such happiness.  We are entering the terrible toddler phase, so our peaceful life as we know it is not going to be the same.

I classify myself as a resolutionist. What is that? A serial resolution-maker. At the beginning of any month, season, or even week, you can catch me making a list of resolutions that sometimes stick with me, but usually don’t.  You can check out my yearly resolutions, and sometimes I have additional monthly challenges that go along with them.

Thanks for stopping by!


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