Monday Menu Plan

Before I get started on the menu plan for today, let me share with you a few things I have learned in the past couple of days:

*Miss C has a crazy fear of bees.  One flew by her yesterday while we were playing, and it sent her into hysterics!  It did not sting her, just flew by.  Poor girl was traumatized for the rest of the time and wouldn’t go more than a foot away from me.  She actually clung to me the majority of the time we stayed out.

*Rose is not a hunting dog.  (Nor is Bandit, but we already knew that).  In the past few months a family of bunnies have built their home in our fenced in backyard.  I am pretty sure Rose is oblivious to this fact.  There was a hole a while back, but I cleared it out in hopes that the bunny would not come back.  I checked it yesterday and sure enough it was full of bunny hair and there was movement in there.  I don’t know how long until Rose finds them, but I am going to guess they have been hiding for a while.

*Making a meal for the crock pot ahead of time is pretty useless if you forget to tell the adult in charge at home when to put it out and start it.  I prepped chicken parmesan this morning, popped it in the fridge, and forgot to leave a note for Hubs to put it in the crock pot and start it.  I did not realize this until 2:30 in the afternoon, which was too late to call and have him start it.  Oh well!  I guess we have dinner prepped for tomorrow night instead!

*Since beginning my journey to a more fit lifestyle, I am constantly amazed at what my body is able to do.  I push hard sometimes and am in awe of the strength that God has given me.  I pushed hard today and broke a personal record.  I ran a 10’03” mile.  My typical pace is around 10’30”, so I shaved almost 30 seconds off my regular mile.  I was *thisclose* to not running tonight, but I knew I had to, and I am glad I did it!

*I seriously have the most supportive and amazing friends and family around.  I already knew this, but this past weekend has been proof that they are the best any girl could ask for!  I know I wouldn’t have been able to reach my goals without them!

And now on to the menu plan…


Saturday– Chinese food out with my sister’s family

Sunday– Tacos

Monday– Crock Pot Chicken Parmesan Cheese Quesadillas

Tuesday– Crock pot chili Crock pot Chicken Parmesan

Wednesday– Chicken Fajitas

Thursday– Spaghetti

Friday– Homemade Pizza

Since we won’t have the chili this week, I will probably save it for the weekend or sometime next week.  My spring break is next week, so I am hoping to try some cooking/baking things that I don’t get to do because I work full time.  I would love to attempt to make bread from scratch or at least try to use the bread machine that my sister is letting me store borrow while they are packing their house.

This week is definitely a nice and easy week to get me through the last week before spring break.  I am looking forward to possibly grilling soon, but we desperately need a new grill.  (Yes need.  We have had our inexpensive grill for over 5 years and it is about on it’s last leg.  I have it in our budget to start saving for once we get done saving for and purchasing our new lawn mower.)

What is on your menu this week?


Menu Plan Monday


Here’s to a week of no eating out!  As I said yesterday, last week we were terrible!  Between not feeling well and just feeling overwhelmed and busy, we ate out so much more than normal.  It’s time to reign that in!  This week I am sticking to meals that I know and that do not take a lot of time or effort.

Here is our plan for the week:

Sunday, January 25: “Homemade” pizza (I am using a refrigerated crust)
Monday, January 26: Crock pot Lasagna
Tuesday, January 27: Crock pot Salisbury Steak
Wednesday, January 28: Chicken Stir-fry (no recipe)
Thursday, January 29: Spaghetti (no recipe, jarred sauce)
Friday, January 30: Pasta Toss
Saturday, January 31: Crock pot Chicken Parmesan
Sunday, February 1: Crock pot Cheesy Chicken and Rice

Guys, I can’t believe that I just typed “February.”  It seems impossible, especially since I haven’t given much thought to my New Year’s Resolutions at all this month.  I know that I will not meet many of them, although a few of them will receive passing grades.

So, there ya have it.  A super-easy, super-effortless menu plan for the week.  Maybe the following week I can try some new recipes or get a little bit more interesting.  Until then, it is easy breezy for me.

What is on your menu for the week?

Menu Plan Monday


I have done my meal plans the same way forever!  I have always used a monthly calendar to write down my meals one week at a time.  It worked relatively well.  The only pain was that I would make a meal plan, then when it was time to make a grocery list, I would have to look at my meal plan, search online to find the recipe I was referring to, then write down the ingredients.  I couldn’t condense all of my information onto one page… until now!


Introducing my new meal plan calendar!  I found this beauty in the Dollar Spot at Target!  It was just a plain calendar that was glued together at the top (like a pad of paper).  I pulled all the pages apart, punched holes in all of them, and put it in my home binder!  I love it!

Now when I menu plan, I can write the recipe, all the ingredients I need, and where I found the recipe!  I have all of my information on one page now!  When it came time to make my grocery list this week, it was so much easier!  I love it!

Now here is the menu I came up with for the week:

Sunday: Crock pot chicken parmesan, roasted garlic and parmesan asparagus

Monday: OMG Chicken, green beans, rice

Tuesday: Tacos/Mexican pizzas, roasted asparagus

Wednesday: Baked Ravioli, green beans

Thursday: Mexican stuffed shells, corn

Friday: Panko Chicken with Garlic Butter Fettuccini, Baked Parmesan Zucchini

Saturday: Crunchwrap Supremes, corn

Sunday: Lasagna, green beans

I am happy to say that I am actually looking forward to menu planning now that I have a pretty calendar to use!  I just wish it made me look forward to the actual cooking!

What is on your menu for the week?

Menu Plan Monday


My to-do list completely shows that I underestimated how utterly exhausted I would be after my first day back to work in two weeks.  I am going to try and power through a few more items before bed, but honestly I am hoping to be lying in bed with my book by 8:00.  Lights out by 8:30 at the latest.

Here is the menu plan for this week, although I think it will change.  Hubs goes back to days next week, which means he will be at home for dinners.  I think I will start using up some leftovers in the freezer, as he is not a huge fan of leftovers.  They are also starting to take over the freezer, so they need to be used!

Monday, January 5: Spaghetti Leftover stromboli (which was not good, which means I ate a couple bowls of salad, and Miss C had a mix and match meal of whatever I could piece together.)  I should have just stuck with the spaghetti

Tuesday, January 6: Chicken tacos using leftover seasoned chicken meat in the fridge

Wednesday, January 7: Crockpot chicken parmesan

Thursday, January 8: Some sort of freezer leftovers (I don’t have to choose until later.)

Friday, January 9: Stir Fry

Saturday, January 10: Crockpot beef and noodles

Sunday, January 11: OMG chicken

So there ya have it!  A pretty simple menu for the week.  I think a few of those meals may change to whatever leftovers I can find in the freezer.  If that is the case, then the menu next week will look very similar to this, which hopefully means we will be under budget in the grocery category!

What is on your menu for the week?

Menu Plan Monday

Better late than never!  This is going to be a very brief post!  I have about half an hour until I want to go to bed, and I still want to get one more school thing done.  I have been super productive this evening, and I think it’s thanks to my new daily schedule pages!  They do take a while to fill out each week, but I find it is so very worth it!


Here is what we are serving up at Chez Confessions this week:

Sunday, September 14: Grilled chicken teriyaki with rice and grilled asparagus

Monday, September 15: Tacos and corn on the cob

Tuesday, September 16: Sesame chicken, rice, asparagus (First time making this, so hopefully it turns out well)

Wednesday, September 17: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, raw veggies (carrots, cucumbers, celery)

Thursday, September 18: Out (Hubs is getting a recalled part fixed on his car at 5:15.  We will be in town, so we figured we can have a family dinner out)

Friday, September 19: Pasta Toss, Steamed green beans, bread

Saturday, September 20: Grilled chicken kabobs and rice

Just looking at those dates makes me wonder where September has gone!  We are already halfway through, and although each day has been slowly creeping by, I can’t believe it is already so far gone!  This seems to be how every month goes.  I just can’t seem to get a grasp on how quickly time flies!

Well, I am off to finish some school work!  I hope you have had a productive Monday!

What is on your menu this week?  Trying anything new?

Menu Plan Monday


And we are back for our weekly installments of Menu Plan Monday.  I have continued making menu plans all summer long, although I have not exactly stuck to them.  We have been eating out a lot, especially these last few weeks.  Luckily for us, we now have a deterrent from eating out: a toddler.  Miss C is just getting to that stage that sitting down at a restaurant is not an option anymore.  She is difficult to keep entertained while we wait for our food, and she is a very finicky eater, with dinner being her most difficult meal.  Anything slower than McDonald’s is out for now. (Which is definitely helpful for the budget.)

I think I am going to start keeping track of how long we go without eating out as a family.  I put that “as a family” on there because Hubs and I are free to spend our MAD money how we choose.  If I want to eat out with friends using my MAD money, then it won’t count against us.  I know there will be some exceptions (like Thursday when I am working late and Hubs is at home with Miss C).  I will leave them some cash so they can go out if they choose.  They can stay in and eat too, but it will be up to him.  I figure I will just come home after work and grab a bowl of cereal or something.  I am not picky.

If I start counting our days from the last time we ate out (and that could include ordering in, drive thru and eat at home, delivery, restaurant, etc.), it has been approximately 3 days.  The last time we had a meal that was not made at home was Thursday, August 7.  Let’s see how long we can go!

Now for the menu this week:

*For those of you who are new, my menus start at the previous Saturday, as I always make my menu on Friday night and shop on Saturday.  I just don’t post them until Monday.

Saturday, August 9: Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans
Sunday, August 10: Spaghetti, corn
Monday, August 11: Beef tips and egg noodles, green beans
Tuesday, August 12: Pasta Toss, mixed veggies
Wednesday, August 13: Salsa chicken tacos, corn
Thursday, August 14: Late night at work for me, Hubs and Miss C eat out
Friday, August 15: Beef tacos

It’s a pretty simple menu this week, as I will be getting back in the swing of things at work.  I have a feeling that next week will involve a lot of crock pot meals, as I suspect I will be too exhausted to try and put a full meal together.  (Our students don’t start until Monday, August 18.)

What do you have on your menu for this week?

Menu Plan Monday


Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my menu plan.  In fact menu planning has gotten twice as hard since I now have to plan lunches as well as dinners.  When it was just me, I would end up just eating a bowl of cereal or snacking through lunch.  Now that I am in charge of a little munchkin, it is important that we have well-rounded meals, including lunch.  I have been trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies into our meals lately, and I have found out that Miss C is a fruit monster.  She loves it!

It has been a while since I have done a menu plan, so let me review how it goes.  Since I go to the farmer’s market on Saturdays and grocery store on Sundays, I usually plan my meals on Friday nights.  That way I can know what fruits and veggies I need from the farmer’s market.  Then whatever I don’t find at the farmer’s market, I can still put on my grocery store list.  My meal plan starts on Sunday at lunch and ends Saturday at dinner.  Since Hubs works late on Saturdays (noon until 10:00 pm), Miss C and I plan to meet him for dinner out those nights.  It is much easier than trying to cook a meal with a toddler during witching hour.  I have budgeted $20 a week for those meals out.  It is a lot, but considering Hubs doesn’t get to see the little one much on Saturdays, it is a nice break for him and a chance for us to be together as a family.

Now on to the menu:

Sunday, June 1:
Lunch: Homemade mac and cheese (with broccoli), cut up hot dogs, fruit salad
Dinner: Spaghetti, corn on the cob, bread

Monday, June 2: 
Lunch: Out for my birthday
Dinner: BBQ chicken tenders, corn on the cob, fruit salad, bread

Tuesday, June 3:
Lunch: Out with friends
Dinner: Homemade margherita pizza, salad

Wednesday, June 4:
Lunch: Chicken salad sandwich, fruit salad
Dinner: Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken, green beans

Thursday, June 5: 
Lunch: Turkey sandwiches, leftover green beans, strawberries
Dinner: Smothered beef burritos, mixed veggies

Friday, June 6:
Lunch: Out with a friend
Dinner: Breakfast for dinner: pancakes, hash browns, fruit salad, sausage links, eggs

Saturday, June 7:
Lunch: Deli sandwiches, raw veggies, fruit salad
Dinner: Out with Hubs

The times you see that I am going out with friends, that money will come from my MAD money/birthday money.  It will not come from our budget, as it is just something I am doing and not something the whole family is doing.  I have gone out to eat with friends last week and this week, and I think I may have to pause on lunches out for a couple weeks.  It is starting to drain my MAD money, which I don’t want to use up completely.

What is on your menu for the week?

Two-fer Tuesday

So I have been trying to hide from the world lately.  The past two months have just been killer.  I feel like we keep getting hit with bad news or something bad just keeps coming up.  It hasn’t stopped.  I am hoping that with a new month comes a new outlook on life.  I am no longer hoping for good or great days.  I would just like a normal, stuck-in-a-rut kind of day.

Today our baby had her 18 month appointment.  She had to get one shot and had to have blood drawn from both arms.  Hubs was with her, and from what he has described, it was a horrible experience.  I was almost in tears as he told me about having to hold her down and hold her arms straight as they drew blood.  I don’t know if I could have handled it.  I am so thankful that he has gone to her last few appointments.  I am going to start taking time off work to go to them, so he is not on his own.

Most everything is going well with the little nugget.  She is definitely little.  3rd percentile for weight, 7th percentile for height.  The doctor did think she needed to be saying more words and talking more than she is now.  I honestly am not concerned at all.  She can say about 4 words (that we can understand), but she has so many other cognitive, logical, and reasoning skills, that I know she will develop her speech when she is ready.  She can follow 1- and 2-step directions.  She can do her alphabet puzzle.  She can problem solve by mimicking someone else.  She can match pairs of shoes.  She can build with her mega-blocks.  She loves books.  I think she is working so hard on all her other skills, that her language will come when she is ready.  It is not as though she is silent.  She is rather loud at times, she just makes noise, babbles, and yells instead of trying to form words.

Aside from that, tomorrow I go back to the surgeon for my follow-up appointment.  I hope all is well.  I feel fine, and I am not terribly sore or sensitive where the incision sites are.  I guess we will find out tomorrow if I am healing well.

menu-plan-mondaySince I haven’t been keeping up with the blog, I have a few things to write about.  The first will be my menu plan for this upcoming week.  I rarely miss a menu plan Monday, but honestly, I didn’t have a menu yesterday.  During my plan time at work, I got one written out, made a grocery list, and then went grocery shopping after work.  It is a pretty simple plan:

Monday: Pasta Toss (We had everything at home to make this)
Tuesday: Chicken stir-fry
Wednesday: Baked Ravioli
Thursday: Philly Cheesesteaks
Friday: Spaghetti

I plan to go back to the grocery store on Saturday, so I haven’t worked on my plan for the weekend.  It is a pretty simple menu, which is what I need at this point in my life.


Next I have Saturday Cents, but it’s on Tuesday.  Tuesday Cents just doesn’t sound as cool though.

First, this weekend I had Saturday to myself, so I decided to take my March Madness winnings and go shopping!  I have needed some new clothes desperately, and I was happy to buy some new ones.  I ended up only buying from a discount store and two consignment stores.  I did go into a couple big box stores and a department store, but I was appalled at the prices.  Here is the breakdown of everything I got and the prices that go with them (I paid only cash for all purchases):

Discount Store (Ross Dress for Less)
Skinny jeans: $9.99
Chevron shirt: $7.99
Striped dress: $9.99
Teal shirt: $7.99
Canvas shoes: $13.99
Total: $56.47

Consignment Store #1 (Ditto)
Gap white cami: $4.00
American Eagle jeans: $6.00
Bullhead jean capris: $16.00
Gap top: $8.00
Paper Denim & Cloth skinny jeans: $12.00
Noir Jeans: $6.00
American Eagle shirt: $0.00
Total: $56.52

Consignment Store #2 (Plato’s Closet)
Shirt: $3.00
Shirt: $7.00
Shirt: $7.00
Total: $18.48

Not too bad for the prices!  A lot of new clothes for just over $130!  I had $164, so I stayed well under-budget!  Woo-hoo!  Not too shabby!

Now for my grocery shopping run-down from today.  No HUGE deals, but there were a few good ones.  The big event they have right now is mix and match 4 specified items and save $4.00. (So a savings of $1.00 off each item bought.)  You have to buy 4 in order for the savings to occur, though.

Total Budgeted: $180 (Some was rolled over from last week)
Total Spent: $149.58
Total Saved: $37.86

Best Deals

12 Pack Bounty Papertowels
Regular Price: $16.79
On sale: $13.99
E-coupon: -$1.00
Total: $12.99

Generic Brand Vitamins
Regular Price: $8.99
On sale: $6.74
Coupon: -$1.25
Total: $5.49

Ghirardelli Chocolates (x2 bags)
Regular Price: $3.99 ($7.98)
On sale: 2/$6.00
E-coupon: -$1.00
Total: $5.00

Nutrigrain Bars (x2)
Regular Price: $3.89 ($7.78)
On sale: $2.99 ($5.98)
Mega-Event Savings: -$2.00
Total: $3.98

Store Brand Chicken Tenderloins
Regular Price: $9.74
On Sale: $6.95

Pampers Baby Wipes (x2)
Regular Price: $6.57 ($13.14)
On Sale: $5.99 ($11.98)
Mega-Event Savings: -$2.00
Total: $9.98

Stauffer’s Frozen Meals (x5)
Regular Price: $2.69 or $2.99 ($14.05)
On sale: 5/$10.00

PopSecret Popcorn
Regular Price: $3.95
On Sale: $2.50
Coupon: -$1.00
Total: $1.50

So, there ya have it!  Nothing too major, but not too shabby saving almost $40.

I hope to be back tomorrow or Thursday with my May goals.  They are going to look much different than my goals have looked in the past.

Have you found any great deals lately?

Menu Plan Monday

menu-plan-mondayAnother week, another menu!

This week it is all about easy.  I picked meals that I can make without looking at a recipe.  I was getting very bogged down with trying new recipes and trying to make gourmet meals.  It was tiring and just too much for me.  This week dinner will be set on cruise control.

Monday, April 14: Spaghetti.  Nothing fancy about this: noodles, ground beef, and a jar of Prego sauce.  We will have steamed veggies and some rolls.

Tuesday, April 15: Tacos.  Another easy one: ground beef, seasoning, tortillas, and the fixings.  Raw veggies served on the side.

Wednesday, April 16: Grilled hotdogs and brats.  Super easy.  Already have the hotdogs and brats in the freezer.  I will just thaw them overnight, grill them outside, plop on a bun.  Steamed veggies for a side.

Thursday, April 17: Pasta toss.  I actually haven’t made this in a while.  It is often on the rotation, so it will be good to have it again.  Steamed green beans and rolls on the side.

Friday, April 18: Chicken kabobs.  I am off from school this day, so I will prep these as soon as the little missy goes down for her nap after lunch.  Then let them marinate.  I will throw them on the grill early, so they are ready to eat right before Hubs comes home.  I will eat, feed the little one, then head out to a photo shoot!

Saturday, April 19: Out of town!  We are heading out of town to see our new niece!  We don’t have anything really planned, but do have the money set aside for this trip!

Sunday, April 20: Easter at my parents’ house.  My mom will make a turkey, ham, and the potatoes.  I will probably bring the rolls and some veggies of some sort.  It will be a big meal for the special day!

That’s all I have for you!  I am looking forward to some yummy, but easy meals this week!  This weekend is going to be super busy, so I am not sure yet when I will get the chance to do my grocery shopping for the upcoming week.  I may have to go on Friday afternoon, once Little Missy gets up from her nap.  I plan to do some clothing shopping in the morning, then meet my friend for lunch.  By that time it will be nap time for the little one (and me too!).  I have a photo shoot at 6 and will need to start dinner around 4:30.  Hopefully she will sleep from about 12:00-2:30 and we can go at 3:00.  It takes me about an hour to shop, so that would work well.  It will be busier than my normal early weekend morning time, but I don’t know if I have another option.

What is on your menu for the week?

Menu Plan Monday

Before I get started with my menu plan, I would like to review a few things I have learned today:

1.  3:00 AM seems to be a great time for our government to strip teachers of their rights.
2.  Check the basement for a little brown and white dog when you go back upstairs.  He is rather stealthy and doesn’t always follow you up immediately.  (He was finally found by Hubs a little bit later.)
3.  I have high expectations for those around me, especially when it comes to being professional and taking your job seriously.  Others do not feel this way.
4. I REALLY need to break the habit of going to bed and then browsing online on my phone.  I am always tired the next day, and it is a waste of perfect sleeping time.
5. I am not going to make it through April without my coffee.  I enjoyed my coffee yesterday morning (it was a client meeting, therefore a business write-off, therefore I don’t think it counted).  I am really wanting some right now!
6.  I really do have the best friends a girl could ask for.  And the best part is that I work with some of them and get to see them almost everyday!  I am so lucky!

So, there is what I have learned for the day.  It has been an up and down kind of day.  Hopefully the afternoon will go smoothly, and I am able to get some things done around here.

Now on to the lighter side of today’s post… a menu for the week!


I will start with this past weekend just to get you all up to speed:

Saturday, April 5: Grilled hotdogs and brats!  I did try to make homemade fries.  I burned them, but I think they would be good.  I have one more potato left, so I may try to make a very small batch and see if those turn out.
FYI: This was our first meal that we have grilled out this spring, and it was delicious!  I love using the grill, so it was a nice treat!

Sunday, April 6: Sweet and sour chicken.  This was ok.  It was too sweet for my liking, and we weren’t thrilled with how the texture turned out.  Miss C enjoyed it for the most part.  It was pretty labor intensive, so I don’t think I will make it again… and I almost started a fire, so another reason to not try it again.

Monday, April 7: Slow cooker salsa chicken.  This is a recipe that we haven’t tried before.  It sounds really good and simple, so hopefully it will be a homerun, and we can add it to our regular rotation.  We will probably throw on some shredded cheddar cheese when we make our soft tacos.  But other than that, we will follow the recipe exactly.

Tuesday, April 8: We are going out to dinner to celebrate my sister’s birthday.  No cooking for us!

Wednesday, April 9: I was going to make homemade pizza, but I may have to readjust and wait until the weekend.  I am out of sugar, and I need it to make the dough.  I will pick some up this weekend while at the grocery store.

Thursday, April 10: Tortellini Bake.  This sounds yummy!  We both love pasta, so hopefully another good one!

Friday, April 10: Chicken stir fry.  No recipe, just chicken, snow peas, carrots, onions, mushrooms.  Stir fry and add a store bought stir-fry sauce.  Serve with rice.

Saturday, April 11: With Hubs’ schedule change, he will now be working Saturdays 12:00-10:00pm.  (But we get Sundays off together now!)  He will leave home at 11:15, so we will have early lunches together as a family.  For lunch I will make chicken kabobs and grill them out.  I just use italian dressing as a marinade for them.  I will prep them first thing in the morning, let them sit in the fridge for a while, then start grilling around 10:15.  We can eat right around 11:00, then he can scoot out.
For dinner I plan to make a stromboli for Miss C and I.  This recipe doesn’t have a cooking temp or time, so I am going to just go with what is on my can of pizza dough and hope it turns out.

Sunday, April 12: Again, because Hubs is home now for the day, I feel it necessary to actually make a lunch and dinner.  I used to just wing it when it was Miss C and I and wouldn’t make much or worry about it.  Now that it is a family meal, though, I need to prep more.
For lunch I will make toasted ravioli. It seems easy enough and sounds yummy!
For dinner I will make tacos.  I have a photo shoot (depending on the weather… it’s calling for rain right now) from 6-7 and will need to leave around 5:30.  Taco are quick and easy and I can have them made by 5:00 and eat before I need to leave.

There ya have it!

What is on your menu this week?