Sunday Night Chit-Chat

Not much else has happened since I last posted.  I did cook dinner (tacos).  And we all went outside to play in the snow.  Right now I am blogging from the comfort of the bathroom floor while Miss C is enjoying a bath.

Here is a photo from our outside, snowy adventure:


I just love this little girl!

Now on to the Sunday Night Chit-Chat, hosted by the ever-lovely Carla!

What are you…

Watching? Right now I am just watching my silly girl trying to drink bath water out of a cup.  She loves her bath time!

Reading? I am actually making good progress on The Late, Lamented Molly Marx.  I am about halfway finished with the book, and definitely plan to keep reading a bit each night before I fall asleep.

Listening to? Just the little one.  She really wants me to put on Let It Go, but if I put that on every time she asked, we would listen to it nonstop around here.

Happy you accomplished this week? I had a few lunch and coffee dates with numerous friends.  I am happy that I made time for them, and I am so blessed to have them in my life.  I really have not accomplished any real work this past week, but that will change with school starting back up tomorrow.

Cooking/Baking? For lunch I made a stromboli.  This evening I made tacos.  Both were good meals, and I made sure to eat some veggies with both meals as well!

Looking forward to next week? I have plans to go to Kohl’s and spend my Kohl’s cash on some new running shoes on Saturday.  I don’t get to splurge on myself much, so I am very much looking forward to this!  I should be able to possibly get a little something else besides just the shoes, too.  Yay!

Saving up for?  We save for so many different items each month.  Right now I think our main savings goal is to work on our emergency fund.  It is down to about $320, so we really have to work and scrimp to get it up to $1,000 by the end of March.

Thinking about? really do not want to lesson plan tonight.  Miss C snuggles and watches Mickey with Hubs at 6:30, so I will probably get started on things at that point.  Hopefully I will get planning and grade cards done by a decent time so I can get to bed early.  I hope to get up super early to get a little bit of running in!

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Sunday Night Chit-Chat


Found this verse on Pinterest and I love it!  I am a worry-wart!  I am always worried that something bad will happen or something will go wrong.  This is not good for my brain or for my life.  I need to stop worrying about what could happen and focus on what is happening right now.

It has been a while, but here is my chit-chat for today!

What are you…

Working on? This evening I spent a lot of time working on our budget.  I got our Christmas budget finalized, which feels good.  I also got January’s budget done (in pencil of course).  I also worked on our debt repayment plan.  We should be debt-free (aside from our mortgage) in May of 2018!  We will be using the snowball method, made popular by Dave Ramsey.

Reading? Nothing really.  I did get all my blog reading caught up last night.  Now I am sure I have some to catch up on tonight, but it shouldn’t take too long.

Cooking/Baking? Tonight I made French Dip sandwiches in the crock pot.  Last night I successfully baked my first loaf of banana bread.  I have tried to make it before, but I failed miserably.  This time it went well and Miss C loves it!

Looking forward to next week? I think I am going to try and get my hair cut sometime next week.  It desperately needs to happen, and I want to get it done before things get really crazy with holiday stuff.

Are you hoping to accomplish today? Well, I was hoping to get laundry done, but I think I will still have 2 loads to go by the time I go to bed.  I did get through quite a bit, so that is a plus!

Are you watching? Nothing right now.  Hubs is watching some survival show, but I am standing at the counter in the kitchen so I can’t really see the tv.

Are you thinking about? That I would like to go to bed in about an hour so I can get up and run, but I have so much lesson planning to get done.  I guess this is my attempt to put off planning a little bit longer.

Wearing today? Skinny jeans, a long, striped sweater, knee high brown boots.  Typically on Sundays I stick to my sweats, but since I went out to lunch with a friend, I made myself look presentable.

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Sunday Night Chit-Chat


I read a quote similar to this one a while back, and it really got me thinking.  There are many times that I have wanted to work out, but never made it a priority.  I would always regret not working out, and I would always think of how far I would be if I would have just started when I first started thinking about it.  Then I started thinking back to all of the times I did work out.  Never once did I regret doing it.  I still feel this way, and I love the way my body and mind feel now that I have made exercise a priority in my life.

On to the chit-chat.  What are you…

Reading? Nothing.  The Late, Lamented Molly Marx continues to sit in the same spot on the floor next to my bed.  It continues to gather dust and dog hair.  Someday I will pick it up and read it.  (Most likely when I am out of school for Thanksgiving Break.)

Watching? Nothing currently.  I am in the bedroom without a television at the moment.  I did get caught up on all my DVRed Biggest Loser episodes.  I had 3 waiting for me, and I vegged out on Friday night and watched them all!

Listening to? Rose softly snoring, the dryer going, and the sound machine from Miss C’s room coming through the monitor.  It is quiet, and I love it!

Wishing for? Another day in the weekend.  We spent Saturday out of town, so everything got pushed to today.  I did get a lot accomplished, but I still could use an extra day to get more finished.
I am also wishing (praying) that Miss C isn’t getting sick.  Unfortunately she has had a fever this afternoon/evening and has been sleeping a lot.  She has been a little fussy, but not unbearable.  Hopefully it is just something she will get over quickly, and we won’t have to worry about a doctor’s visit.

Looking forward to? Having Tuesday off work.  Every year we have to take Miss C to the local children’s hospital dermatology clinic.  She was born with 2 hemangiomas, one on her left hand and the other on her lower back.  We used to go every six months, but last year it was decided we only needed to be seen annually.  The hemangiomas will eventually disappear (the one on her hand is almost gone), but they like to measure them, take photos, and make sure they are healing properly.  I am looking forward to having the day off with the little missy and hopefully getting some things done!

Grateful for? My husband.  Today I was gone when Miss C woke up from her nap with the fever.  He called to let me know what was going on, but he is such an amazing dad, that he had it all under control.  I got home and he had her in the bath, had her humidifier ready to go for the night, and was working on getting her to drink lots of water.  Once we got her out of the bathtub and gave her some medicine (which is truly a 2 person job, or else he would have done that on his own), he ran to the store to pick up more medicine (as we were almost out).  He has helped snuggle her, take her temperature, and make sure she is feeling better.  I couldn’t ask for a more amazing husband for me and dad for Miss C.

Thinking about? How much I have to get done tomorrow.  I went to lesson plan this evening only to realize I didn’t bring the right reading book home.  I also have to get sub plans typed and ready to go for Tuesday.  It is going to be a busy day tomorrow.  Luckily it is a Couch to 5K rest day for me, so I don’t have to wake up early to run.  I will get to “sleep in” until 5:30.  It’s a good thing I am a morning person!

Even though it isn’t that late, I am exhausted and need to get some shut eye!  Feel free to answer these questions in my comments section or if you have a blog and want to participate, you can link up at Carla’s blog!

Sayonara Summer

Apparently I took an impromptu break from blogging this entire summer.  This was not planned at all, but I do think it was needed.  I have an entire summer’s worth of blog ideas and activities that are floating around in my head right now, but I figure I will get back on a schedule starting with my typical Sunday posts: Sunday Night Chit-Chat.




These are my beautiful gladioluses that are finally blooming.  They actually were planted later than they should have been, but I think the mild summer helped them bloom late.  We have gotten a  bit of rain this past week or so, so that has helped too.  I am just happy to still have some pretty flowers to enjoy during these last few days of summer.  (I know technically the season doesn’t end for about another month, but going back to school makes it feel like fall nonetheless.)

Carla has chosen to try some new questions this week, so we will see how it goes!

What are you…

Making?  Well, last night I made a curtain for a bookshelf in my classroom.  I had many snafus during the process (bobbin ran out with about 6 inches left, machine would only sew backwards… this has happened before, melted the tops of some plastic coated straight pins).  After it all, I got it finished.  Once I go back to school on Tuesday, I will take some photos of my classroom.

Cooking? Tonight I made the old standby: spaghetti.  We have gone a little crazy with eating out these past couple weeks, so it is time to reign it in.  I have one night planned for Hubs to take the little missy out because I have a late night at school.  (And it happens to be the same day as his birthday, so he doesn’t have to worry about making dinner.)

Drinking? Too many sugary, caffeinated beverages.  I hope to go on a pop fast once school starts.  I also am going to cut WAY back on the number of coffees I buy before school.  I have a gift certificate from a very dear friend, which I will probably use on my first day of school.  Besides that, I need to really cut back.

Reading? I have been working on a book called Soul Kiss by Shay Youngblood.  It is decent, but I don’t like where it is going, so I think I may abandon it.  I have actually read quite a few books this past summer, and I hope to keep it up!

Wanting? I don’t have anything really tangible that I want (well, besides this pasta pot… I think I have been watching too much Food Network.)  I have spent quite a bit of money these past couple weeks on some new clothes for school.  As far as non-tangibles that I want, there are plenty of those, but I don’t think I have time to list them all. 🙂

Looking at? Besides the computer while I type, here is what is looking at me:


I am also watching Food Network with Hubs.

Playing? Nothing really.  I haven’t been listening to any music very much, and I don’t actually play any instruments.  I did play with a lot of MegaBlocks today.

Wishing? School wasn’t starting this week.  As difficult has this summer has been (as my first summer with a toddler, along with some other personal issues), I am going to miss the giggles, smiles, occasional snuggles, and fun with my girlie.

Enjoying? My last days of summer break.  Tomorrow is officially my last day!

Waiting For? The laundry to learn how to fold itself.  I do not mind washing, drying, or putting away clothes.  I absolutely HATE folding clothes.  If you learn how to get your clothes to fold themselves, please let me know because I have a load in the dryer waiting for me!

Wondering? How Miss C will handle me going back to work.  I think she will be fine, as she will either be at home with my parents or at home with Hubs.  I just don’t want her to think I disappeared after all this time home with her.

Needing? A piece of chocolate.  I plan to go get one once I am done with this post.

Thinking?  I wish I were a better cook.  I love watching cooking shows, but I just do not enjoy the process of cooking.

Bookmarking? I haven’t bookmarked much.  The last thing I bookmarked/pinned was this post about back-to-school reading ideas.

Feeling? Lazy today.  I did next to nothing today.  I did manage to make dinner, bathe the babe, and clean up the kitchen after dinner.  But beyond that, I really didn’t do much but hang out with the darling.  I have a semi-short list of things I need to do tomorrow, so hopefully I won’t be so lazy tomorrow.

There ya have it!

I am happy to be back, and I hope I get back to a blogging schedule.  I do miss blogging each day, and I hope that by having more of a routine with work, I can stay on top of the blog.

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

1978882_672146562846001_7038309541609412847_nThis is one of my favorite photos from today.  I know that there are a number of things wrong with it technically, but I just love it.  (One of the problems with being a photographer is picking apart your photos.  I tend to get rid of photos that I am not happy with technically, but I just couldn’t get rid of this one.  I love it too much.)

Today has been a very simple and relaxed day.  It did not start out that way, but the majority of the day has been very lovely.  This morning I had a client meeting at 10:00.  Well, Hubs and some friends stayed at a hotel after going out and celebrating a friend who is moving away soon.  I had okayed this last night without thinking.  I figured I would just take Little Missy to my sister’s while I went to my client meeting.  At about 7:30 I realized that the carseat was still in Hubs’ car.  Oh no!  I had no way to leave the house without the carseat.  I called my mom (who was out of town) to see if she had left her carseat at home.  If she had, I was just going to ask my dad to bring it over, so I didn’t have to wake Hubs up early to come home.  Unfortunately she still had her carseat with her across the state.

I had no choice but to call Hubs.  I called twice and both times it went straight to voicemail.  I got a bit upset, thinking he had turned his phone off.  Well, his phone had actually died and wasn’t charged.  I ended up calling a friend who was out with them.  Then the friend (who had already gone home) had to call another friend who was out with them to tell Hubs that he needed to come home with the carseat.  Luckily they were already awake, so I didn’t wake him up, but he didn’t get to go out to breakfast with all his friends.

He got home in plenty of time.  I went ahead and took Miss C to my sister’s, so Hubs could get some additional sleep.  It all ended up working out fine, and Miss C had a great time with her cousins!

The rest of the day was pretty low key.  I had done all the picking up yesterday, so I didn’t have chores to catch up on.  Hubs and I just vegged out on the couch while the little one napped.  Then we played and enjoyed our evening together.  I slaved over dinner, which turned out ok, but it won’t be worth the hassle to try again.  (Part of the hassle was seeing a flame shoot up from our burner… I was ready to grab the baking soda, but it didn’t flame up anymore.  Just a note: Make sure the heat isn’t up too high when you are frying things, especially when the oil is spattering out.)

Now enough with the storytelling and on to the chit-chat:


Are you watching? International House Hunters on HGTV.  This channel is almost always on.  Hubs and I both enjoy it quite a bit.

Are you reading? You’re Already Amazing.  I planned to read last night, but ended up not.  I watched HGTV instead.

Are you looking forward to this week? My family is going out to dinner to celebrate my sister’s birthday.  I always enjoy getting together with my family.  My brother and his wife won’t be able to join us, as they live out of state.  But everyone else will be there.
I also have a photo shoot next Sunday with three very adorable siblings!

Are you planning for this summer? One of the perks of being a teacher is having summers off.  We have a lot of projects around the house, so I will be working on those.  I need to get the basement unpacked and somewhat organized.  There is always painting that needs to be done, and some work in the yard/garden to do.  A lot of work this summer!  I am also moving up to 2nd grade, so I will be moving a classroom!  That is always a big job!

Are you obsessive about? I think the more reasonable question would be “What are you not obsessive about?”  I am very particular about most things: handwriting, folding clothes, cleaning things my way, writing utensils, symmetry, making lists, etc.

Is your #1 goal for next week? Keeping the kitchen and living room cleaned up during the week.  I am also going to try and get the junk basket clean this upcoming week.

Best/worst financial decision this past week? Best financial decision was actually made a few weeks ago, but didn’t pay off until this past week: Hubs and I paid into a basketball bracket challenge.  I am terrible at it, but it is always a fun gamble.  We both paid in $10, and we have come in the top two spots!  That means I win $120 and Hubs wins $60!  You know what that means?  Mama is getting some new jeans!  Yay!
Worst financial decision: We did eat out a few times this past week, and we used the debit card for them.

Happy you accomplished this weekend? The kitchen and living room are picked up.  The laundry is was done (it never stays done for longer than one day).  I had a great client meeting today and hope to hear back from them soon!

There ya have it!  Thank you always, Carla, for hosting!

I would love to hear your answers!  Feel free to answer in the comments section, or on your own blog and link up with Carla.

Enjoy the last few bits of the weekend!

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

Today has been a busy and productive day.  I really wanted yesterday to be a productive day, but that did not happen.  Today, though was good.

We went to the grocery store this morning, then out my mom and dad’s.  It was a lovely day, but very windy.  Here is the Little Missy having fun outside.


She loves running around the yard holding a baseball and golfball.  So cute!

Once we got home, she wanted to be outside more, but I had a lot to do inside.  I did some laundry and started soaking and prepping my produce for the week.  I hate to say this but I end up throwing away a lot of money produce each week because I don’t use it, and it goes bad.  I have decided to give Sunday prepping a try.


Here are the beautiful fruits and veggies after their vinegar/water soak in the sink.  Hidden at the bottom was a cucumber and a green pepper too.  Once everything was rinsed and dried, I started cutting and portioning for the week.  I always want to take fruits and veggies with me to work, but hide behind the excuse that they are never ready, and it takes too long in the morning.  That is no longer an excuse for this week!


Each container has a stalk of celery, a carrot stick, and at least 5 florets of broccoli.  They are all ready to go for this week!  If I want to add some cucumber, I can cut some up quickly in the morning (I think they taste bad after being peeled and chopped for a while).  Now I can just grab a container and go.  I also separated my grapes into serving sizes and put them in ziploc baggies.  The extras of everything were just put into their own containers so they are ready for when I am at home or if Hubs wants any.  I also cut up the celery and carrots for our roast that we will have on Friday.

While I was at it, I was able to cut up everything for our Philly cheesesteaks that we had tonight.  That included a couple mushrooms, half an onion, half a green pepper, and two ribeye steaks.

I felt very productive and am happy to have so much ready to go for this upcoming week!

Now on to the chit-chat.  Carla spent her day unplugged, so she posted early!


Are you reading? Still working on One Thousand Gifts.  I also started reading You’re Already Amazing.  I am a sucker for self-help books, and even though I haven’t read much of this one, I really like it so far!

Are you watching? Caribbean Life.  I didn’t mention it, but last week we got Directv again.  We had some extra wiggle room in our budget, and it is one thing that Hubs has gone without for a few years.  He definitely deserved to get it!  We now have many more things to watch… and it is the reason I was not productive at all yesterday!

Are you looking forward to this week? A new month!  I always love a new month and a new start!  I am also happy that it is April!  April means spring, Easter, and oh so close to the end of the school year!

Lesson did you learn last week? I like tv more than I thought.  I used to be able to go through the entire weekend without watching tv at all.  I realize that I need to just keep it off in the morning or else I could spend all day in front of it (especially now that we have HGTV.)

Was your best moment this past week? Spending a couple bucks could help make someone’s day brighter.  I bought coffee for two different co-workers this week.  One who has been going through some tough stuff, and one who is working so hard on getting her finances in order.  Both of these women are such wonderful friends as well as co-workers.  It made me happy to see them smile.

Is your #1 goal for next week? Coming up with goals for April.  I have never been this close to the end of a month without having goals ready to go.  I also need to get my previous photo shoots edited and galleries sent out.

Best/worst financial decision this past week?  Best: Couponing and shopping sales saved me almost $30 at the grocery store today!  I will try to do a financial update tomorrow with my menu plan.
Worst: Having to readjust our April budget because we were again not as tight with our money this past week as we should have been.  We will be fine and still able to meet our couple of savings goals for the month, but next month will be much tighter than March was.

Recipe is next on your “try” list? Tonight we tried a new recipe, and it was great.  This week I have two new ones in the queue: Skillet Sausage and Potatoes and Cheesy Macaroni with Beef.  I found both recipes on Pinterest and am looking forward to them both!

Now it’s your turn!  Answer the questions in the comments or on your own blog.  Make sure to link up with Carla!

Sunday Night Chit-Chat (With New Questions)

It’s time for another rousing round of Sunday Night Chit-Chat hosted by Carla!  I am happy to get back to more normal blogging, and I am excited that there are some new questions this week!


Here is a picture of Miss C hanging out at my parents’ house.  It was beautiful yesterday!  And then today we woke up to a dusting of snow.  Yuck!  This coming week will be ok for spring break, but not my ideal weather.  I think I will survive, though. 🙂

On to the chit-chat:


Are you reading? I honestly haven’t read much this past week.  I am about halfway through One Thousand Gifts.  I am going to try and carve out some time each day this week to read a bit… maybe 30 minutes or so.

Are you watching? The Amazing Race.  We haven’t kept up with it much this season, but it is definitely a fun show to watch.

Are you looking forward to this week? Spring break!  I have a few fun times with friends planned, a newborn photo session, and lots of things on the to-do list.  I need to remind myself to relax and enjoy my time off.

Is one thing you did last week that you don’t want to repeat this week? Most of my week was a bit of a blur.  I think I would like to not repeat my negligence of our finances.  A lot has been pushed to this side this past week, including our finances.  I need to get back on track with our checkbook, paying with just cash, and keeping things under control.

Was your best moment over the last week? Being surrounded by an outpouring of love.  It wasn’t necessarily a particular moment, but it made me realize how wonderful my support system is and to never take that for granted.

Is your #1 goal for next week?  I have a few goals:
1. Get cabinets painted!  I am not going to put a number as to how many cabinets, but I need to get painting done!
2. Get the back flower beds cleared out.  If this doesn’t happen, it’s not a big deal.  I will have other pretty days to work on it.
3. Get finances back in order.

Song can’t you get out of your head?  I honestly don’t have one at the moment.  I usually do have songs stuck in my head, but right now I actually don’t.

Was the best/worst financial decision over the last week? Best: We managed to buy curtains for our sliding glass door and for Miss C’s room.  We had $20 worth of gift cards, all the curtains and rods were on sale, and Target was having a deal that if you texted a code to a number, you got a free $10 gift card if you spent $50 or more in the home decorating section.  These curtains were NEEDS.  Miss C’s room is too bright to keep her asleep during the day, so we got some black out curtains that made a big difference.  The curtains for our sliding glass door will help cut down on our air conditioning costs in the summer.  The sliding doors are on the south side of the house and let in sun all day.  The house can warm up to over 70* even on cold days.  Having curtains will help the heat retention during the summer.

Worst financial decision: Not keeping up with our finances at all.  We had so much going on in our world that our finances were not high on our list of priorities.  We ate out more than we should (even though we used gift cards and coupons when we could), and I didn’t keep track of all of our expenses.  It will take a while to get caught up tomorrow, but we will be able to do it.

Is on the top of your *wish list* right now? New jeans.  The two pairs of jeans I currently have, I bought shortly after I had Miss C and right before I went back to work.  I have lost all of my baby weight (I know… hate me), and the jeans are now too big and baggy.  I didn’t really care about it, since I was pregnant and planning to grow out of them quickly, but now I really want some new ones since I won’t be in maternity clothes for quite some time.

There ya have it!  New questions and my answers.  I would love to hear your answers to the new questions!

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

Our Sunday night chit-chat is hosted by the ever dazzling Carla!  Stop over at her blog to check out all the other participants.

pic_to_send (2)Here is a before and after of our dinner: Taco cupcakes!  They were pretty good!  I wish they would have been crispy all the way through, but they were still a bit soft on the bottom.  The taste was good, though!

Here is our chit-chat…

What are you…

Reading? One Thousand Gifts. I am happy to report that I did in fact read some of this this past week.  The part that I read definitely spoke to my heart, so I am looking forward to hopefully reading more this coming week.

Listening To? The television.  We have the Oscars Red Carpet show on now, so that is what I am listening to.  I can faintly hear Little Missy’s noise machine in her room.  She is rolling around, not quite asleep yet.

Watching? See above answer… Oscars Red Carpet show.  They are currently interviewing Jared Leto.

Cooking/Baking? I made taco cupcakes tonight.  They were pretty good.  We have some pre-made cookie dough in the oven now for a little dessert.  I have my menu plan post scheduled to go up tomorrow morning… you will get to see what is on tap for the week.

Happy you accomplished this week? I got our taxes done today!  We are getting a refund!  Nothing life-changing or huge, but definitely helpful for our savings account (which is where it will go and stay).

Looking forward to next week? Well, first and foremost: a snow day tomorrow!  This means 3 wonderful days at home with the little one!  I love the time I get to spend with her, and I am so happy that I get an extra free day with her!  Aside from that, I am looking forward to date night with Hubs on Friday!  We are going out for dinner, and I am already hungry thinking about it!

Thankful for today? A nice, warm home.  We have some very frigid temps out there today, and it is so nice to be able to be inside and warm with my family.  I felt bad having to send the pups out to potty, as they would usually come back limping from cold paws.  I can’t imagine not having a warm place to go to during days like this.

Bonus Question: *Are you be tuning in to the Oscars tonight?* Why, yes we will!  It is on in 8 30 minutes!  (Who starts an awards show at 7:30 and not 7:00?) I love watching the fashion and the whole show!

Now it’s your turn!  Feel free answer the questions in the comments section of my blog, on your blog, or on Carla’s blog!  Let us know how your Sunday night is going!

Sunday Night Chit-Chat… On Sunday!

20140216_181955This is my to-do list as it stands now… And yes, there is a little bit of dinner splattered on it.  Oops!  Once I hit publish here, I will get to check off one more.  (I did finish laundry, but my pen is not close by for me to mark it off yet.)  Then I will work on the very last item and be done for the night!  Woo-hoo!

It is time for our chit-chat, hosted by the ever-lovely Carla!

Here we go… What are you…

Reading? Same old, same old.  My mom has started (and passed me) reading One Thousand Gifts.  She keeps telling me I need to read more and keep reading.  My complete tiredness at the end of the day is what keeps me from reading.  It is not a book that you can read lightly… You need to really pay attention, which is why it is hard for me to pick up the book at the end of the day.

Listening To? The tv is on in the background, and the dish washer is running.  That is about all I can hear at this point.

Watching? Something about Russian nesting dolls.  The Olympics will be on soon, so we will continue watching that.

Cooking/Baking? Tonight we had chicken parmesan in the crock pot, spaghetti noodles, bread, and mixed veggies.  It was delicious (and super easy)!

Happy you accomplished this week?  I had a great photo shoot with a darling 9 month old earlier this week!  I loved it, and I love the way the photos turned out.  I need to get the editing done this week, so I can send the gallery to my client.

Looking forward to next week? I am having dinner with my dear friend on Tuesday.  Then next Saturday my parents, Miss C, and I are seeing our former youth and assistant preacher.  He is traveling through our area, so we are going to get a chance to catch up with him on Saturday morning.  I also have a photo shoot on Saturday, so that will be fun!

Thankful for today? Staying under budget on groceries today!  This is the second week in a row!  I shopped sales and used coupons and was able to stock up on items we will use in the future.  So proud of myself!

*Bonus Question* If you could have Carla make you anything, what would it be? I already have a few of her wonderful creations, including a zippy pouch I won, 5 bibs (3 infant and 2 toddler), and a camera strap cover.  If I were to be lucky enough to get another lovely creation, I would want a coffee sleeve.  I love the cute coffee sleeves she makes! (And I love coffee!)  I don’t think this would be conducive for my budget though, as if I had one, I would think I would NEED to use it all the time. 🙂

So there ya have it… Your turn!  

Post answers in the comments section, on Carla’s blog, or on your blog and link up!  I love hearing from you all!

Sunday Night Chit-Chat

aa5a2336d0ec1e2098015a677db40acdToday has been a particularly rough day, from small things like the weather, to big things like feeling the black shadows of depression seeping into the corners of my mind.  I don’t know why I am feeling so low today, but I am definitely in need of a mood and mind changer.  This too shall pass…

Now for things on the lighter side…

Our chit-chat, as always is hosted by the amazing Carla.  You can link your blog up on her post, answer the questions in her comments section, or answer the questions in my comments section.  No matter what, we love to hear from our readers!

What are you…

Reading?  You guessed it!  The same thing I have been reading for the past few weeks… One Thousands Gifts.  I will finish the book at some point in my life.  It is a goal to get it done in February.

Listening To? Little missy’s noise machine through the monitor.  I can also hear the crock pot sizzle and simmer every once in a while.

Watching? The little one napping (through the video monitor).  Yes, I realized it is after 5:00 and she is napping, but she really needed it.  It was a rough afternoon for her, between falling and scraping her hand and nothing making her happy.   I put her down around 4:45 and within 5 minutes she was sprawled out, sound asleep.  I may pay for this tonight, but for now, it is needed by all parties in the house.

Cooking/Baking? Tonight it is chili in the crock pot and corn bread (just from a box mix).  I already have my Menu Plan Monday post typed and scheduled to post tomorrow morning!

Happy you accomplished this week? I am not sure about this one.  I don’t know if it is my state of mind right now, but I am having a hard time coming up with anything that I accomplished this week.  Maybe surviving 3 straight snow days… That is an accomplishment, right?

Looking forward to next week? Of course I am looking forward to pay day!  It is payday for Hubs and I both on Friday!  Woo-hoo!  I am also looking forward to having lunch on Saturday with a dear friend whom I have not seen for a while.  We were supposed to go today, but Miss C’s nap time and schedule were all messed up, so we had to cancel and reschedule.

Thankful for today? That I survived.  Today has been one of the hardest days I have had in a while.  I am glad it is almost over and that tomorrow brings a new day and new possibilities.

Bonus Question: *What lesson did you learn this week?* To check your shoes before you put them on.  Now that the little missy has realized that she really likes putting things away, miscellaneous items end up in our shoes.  Yesterday I found a Teddy Graham in my boot, and Hubs found two small toys in his work boot.  So, if you are a visitor in our house and leave your boots or shoes out, beware that toys or food may end up in them.

Your turn!  Have fun!