2015 Financial Goals

This year I have some pretty lofty financial goals.  I think that if I keep my eye on the prize and work hard, we will be able to achieve them!

*Get emergency fund to $1000 by the end of March, then $2000 by the end of the year.
*Have $850 set aside for possible Labor Day travels (We need enough for hotel expenses)
*Have $550 set aside for Thanksgiving travels
*Set aside $600 for Christmas
*Put $10 a month aside for classroom expenses
*Have $200 set aside for the consignment sale at the end of February.  Then have $350 for the consignment sale in September.
*Save up and purchase a new push lawn mower in April ($300).
*Put aside $60 a month for dog expenses
*Continue saving $50 a month for car tags that are due in August
*Save $150 by October for Miss C’s birthday
*Wipe out 2 student loans this year (One in May and one in September)

I sure hope that we can keep up with this.  It is going to be a stretch, but again, if we work hard, we can do it!


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